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G8 Info-Tour hits Lancaster

anarchoteapot | 01.07.2007 17:15 | G8 Germany 2007 | Analysis | Globalisation

An activist from Berlin, the Dissent! network, is touring the UK as a guest of Info-Evenings. Next Sunday is Lancaster's turn to host...

G8 2007: Did you get the full picture?
G8 2007: Did you get the full picture?

The Gregson Community Centre, Moor Lane, Lancaster, will host a G8 Feedback Info-Evening on Sunday 8th July, at 7.30pm. Upstairs at the Gregson we will be treated to showings of films recorded by activists during the protests and actions against the G8 Summit at Heiligendam, along with pictures and some analysis, presented by an activist living in Berlin who has links with groups organising for the German protests since before the 2005 Gleneagles Summit. Info-tours travelled across the German-speaking world to mobilise and inspire people to come to Scotland, resulting a good presence at the Gleaneagles protests, and since 2005 similar events have continued to mobilise for Heligendam and beyond. The evening will conclude with a discussion possibly including:

feedback from Lancastrian residents who took part in the german protests,

comparisons with the Scottish counter-summit organisation,

evaluating strategies, tactics and 'success',

thinking forward to Japan 2008 and particularly Italy 2009 (the 10th anniversary of Genoa and Carlo Giuliani's death during the protests there)

All are welcome, and the event is free but venue hire and travel expenses mean that we will be asking for donations!