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20% of UK CCTV could judge your behaviour within 3 years

disturbed | 28.06.2007 23:27

A new CCTV system developed by ‘Agent Vi’ is being installed in some of the UK’s busiest stations, including Clapham Junction and Paddington Station.

By Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News

A new CCTV system developed by ‘Agent Vi’ is being installed in some of the UK’s busiest stations, including Clapham Junction and Paddington Station.

The system uses advanced hi-tech monitoring technology to judge behaviour and it is expected that twenty percent all CCTV cameras in the UK will be connected to the system within the next three years.

The technology has been on trial at Liverpool Street station since 2003.

One of the main excuses being given for the use of these cameras is their promise to act as a deterrent against terrorism and to reduce vandalism, by detecting usual behaviour. The technology known as “Video Analytics” will also recognize how a train should look and then react by notifying authorities if the appearance changes.

Again, we see the threat of terrorism being used to advance a Big Brother state.

New York and Rome are also using similar systems, although they have proved less effective during rush hour, diminishing their initial purpose.

Agent Vi have already installed 20 systems in stations across Israel and Transport for London are considering installing more systems, while the overall number of CCTV cameras on the London Underground is expected to reach 12,000 by 2010.

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the surveillance society advances

29.06.2007 14:23

has it occurred to all that the so-called reality shows are responsible for setting the atmosphere of acceptance for this stuff- being monitored can be fun ! note how many tv shows carry names derived from totalitarianism PS a net filter tried to block me from making this contribution !

totel nuttar

Police "intelligence"

29.06.2007 15:15

The article at,,1575532,00.html is about someone who was molested by the police for simply doing what he does normally.

At least this victim wasn't shot seven times in the head for the crime of reading a newspaper.

All this does nothing to make us any safer, it just gives the otherwise unemployable something to do.

A N Other

any progress

29.06.2007 17:36

on those CCTV zappers yet?

Infra-red laser beams were reported to be effective, but I could never get mine to work. I was thinking something to take out the electronics?

As we all know - Zappa: the mother of invention!!

curious george

intentions quantified-the digitalised open prison of hmp uk

29.06.2007 22:00

absolute mindfucking nightmare

the whole idea that a computer camera can be programmed to recognise negative intentions by body language is beyond orwell and goes into the fascist world of militarisation of life itself

lets tear these fucking things down


Those Behavioural Analysis Camera Scammers

02.07.2007 06:02

The idea of behavioural scanning by camera is will lead to increased mental health problems. Literally we will be driven mad by the pressure of living in the Open Prison Society. In order to keep some measure of privacy, people will adopt body language that lies about their intentions. This is likely to disorient others around them making everybody less happy. Significant rises in depression are likely as aresult. Those who are conscious of ways to lie with body language will benefit from this change. This subverts the total surveillance effort and turns it to the advantage of sectarian factions within society - not simply the state but anybody who can lie with body language. It's a skill that a generation is growing up with. It's a skill that all monkeys possess and use. This idiocy is making society less safe, not more.

Anne Thropologist