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Report: gay schoolkids at great risk of attacks

pirate | 26.06.2007 15:39 | Education | Gender | Social Struggles | London | World

Gay lobby group Stonewall today released a 24 page report which clearly shows the extent of homophobic bullying and attacks within UK schools.

Story as reported on PinkNews:

Stonewall report (incl pdf copy avail- click links)

Homophobic bullying 'almost epidemic' in Britain's schools - 150,000 victims

A major survey of Britain's secondary schools has revealed that almost two thirds of lesbian and gay pupils (156,000 children) have been victims of homophobic bullying.

The School Report, the largest poll of young gay people ever conducted in this country, presents a shocking picture of the extent of homophobic bullying undertaken by fellow pupils and, alarmingly, school staff.

Key findings are:

Sixty five per cent of lesbian and gay pupils have experienced homophobic bullying.
Of those, 92 per cent (143,000) have experienced verbal homophobic bullying, 41 per cent (64,000) physical bullying and 17 per cent (26,000) death threats.
97 per cent of gay pupils hear derogatory phrases such as 'dyke', 'queer' and 'rug-muncher' used in school.
Half of teachers fail to respond to homophobic language when they hear it.
Thirty per cent of lesbian and gay pupils say that adults - teachers or support staff - are responsible for homophobic incidents in their school
Less than a quarter of schools have told pupils that homophobic bullying is wrong.

The survey of 1,145 young people, conducted by the Schools Health Education Unit for Stonewall, also highlights the consequences of bullying for gay pupils. Seven out of ten of those who have experienced it say it has adversely affected their school work. Half of those bullied say they have missed school as a result.

"These deeply disturbing figures should serve as a wake-up call to everyone working in education," said Ben Summerskill, Stonewall Chief Executive. "This is a damning legacy of Section 28, which deterred schools from tackling anti-gay bullying for so long. This remains one of the few sorts of bullying about which too many schools still take no action. It blights the lives not just of gay children but of thousands of pupils perceived to be lesbian or gay too."

The report does demonstrate significant benefits when schools intervene. In schools that have said homophobic bullying is wrong, gay young people are 60 per cent more likely not to have been bullied. The incidence of anti-gay bullying remains higher in 'faith schools'.

'On three occasions I've been assaulted and had to go to hospital to be examined and get the police involved' Ali, 17, secondary school (Greater London)

'The teachers join in on the joke' Catherine, 13, single sex independent school (South East)

'People call me 'gay' everyday, sometimes people kick me and push me, they shut me out of games during school gym and they steal my belongings' James, 17, secondary school (South West)

'I go to a Catholic school. I would more likely get told off for being a lesbian' Susan, 16, single sex Catholic school (South East)

To download a copy of the School Report click here.

For media enquiries contact: Alan Wardle, Director of Public Affairs (020 7593 1854 / 07720 718 176) or Vicky Powell, Communications Officer, (020 7593 1857 / 07985 439 660) Out of hours media enquiries 07985 439 660.




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156,000 children

27.06.2007 08:54

156,000 children - my arse

if you extrapolate from the numbers of children a percentage SAID to be gay in society at large, you might get this figure

however, since this is a gross exageration (and therefore NOT TRUE - note that) this whole report is misleading and designed as a political exercise rather than one defending anybodies rights

get you politics of the backs of the children


bigot as usual

27.06.2007 15:18


Please provide independent evidence of your claim that the report is wrong.

I defy you to provide a shred because there isn't any...

I suspect some sad fascist type or SWPper...