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Where was the media coverage of the Manchester anti-war demonstration?

Paul O'Hanlon | 25.06.2007 09:58 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | World

Thousands demonstrated in Manchester yesterday ,didn't they? So where are the photos, reports? I collated this from the mainstream and alternative media - not much, is it?


There was almost no coverage of the demonstration in the mainstream media. The BBC, ITN, and Channel 5 news of Sunday 24th June all had nothing. There was a 25 second clip of some of the protesters on Channel Four news at 6.55pm on Sunday evening. Around half of all the bulletins covered Brown’s confirmation as new Labour Party leader but the voice of the people outside was not heard.

The afternoon and evening television news bulletins throughout the day added up to 115 minutes and half of all the news was of Brown’s coronation and Harman’s surprise selection as his deputy. There was less than half a minute about the protest – 0.4% of all news coverage – blink and miss it. The radio was no better – nothing on the World this Weekend or the Westminster Hour – 90 minutes between them.

I very much doubt there is anything in the Monday papers. A search of today’s Guardian and Independent websites drew a blank. I suspect the tabloids have nothing – unless Murdoch’s `Sun` has had a brainstorm.

Here is a short video clip from the Stop the war website:

Even Indymedia has nothing – Manchester Indymedia has this:
but where are the photos?

I’m afraid for most people this demonstration, big though it probably was, simply did not happen.

I found this on the BBC Internet website:

Last year’s (I stress this is from 2006) demonstration was reported on the BBC website:

Sorry, Manchester demonstrators, you don’t seem to exist as far as our wonderful seekers after truth are concerned.

Paul O'Hanlon
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Stop the War's cure for for insomnia....

25.06.2007 15:03

If the pictures seen here:
are anything to go by, then the demo looked boring to say the least.

I'm all in favour of the STWC holding inclusive events that everyone can attend. But their insistance on pandering to the authorities at every given opportunity is inspiring noone and sending the movement they have built into a coma.

Did thet defy the Police ban on the prefered route of their demo? No!
Did they call their last manchester demo to coincide with the actual Labour conference? No!
Have they organised any direct action or civil dissobedience since 2003? No!
Are people bored of politely asking the Police/Governement for permission and advice on how to protest against mass murder? Yes!

Time for a rethink....



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