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"TIP OF THE ICEBERG" where todays dodgydibbler exspycriminals "practised". . . .

. . . . puppetry. (x) | 23.06.2007 12:36 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Other Press

Coming out this week! The 693 page report of the dodgy deeds of some of the operations carried out under the pretext of coldwar "defence of the realm" excuses using USA taxpayers cash in the 1950s to 1970s was commissioned in 1973 after Watergate was described as "the tip of the iceberg" by some of the old hacks that - for all sorts of reasons, perhaps - opposed its creation. Apologies, it seems, are due to the "tinfoil hat" brigade.

Those "mythical conspiracy theory" rejections of news reporting are over, too, as the worlds journalists are allowed the peek at the other half of the history/current affairs course they should have had to have a hope of interpreting the world as it is.
(. . . . or, as it is spinning into disaster, "cheers" to ex-spies, "opinion influencers", the post-cold-war misuse of black budget tech, techniques etc, then a con venient "reprise" of a perpetual state of war-terror that was so "good" for MinderbinderCorps - type rackets in the past. )

". . . . COLONEL KURTSIE had retired to suburbia. Things werent the same. After putting a bit of cash towards the "escape pod" housing in paradise isle, taxhaven without current extradition treaties, spinning a few yarns to old friends, old friends kids, etc . . . . quite soon, under the surface . . . . they were getting that way. . . .
But, then. . . . "
extract from Apocalypse No. ( new version . . . . opening book two )

. . . . puppetry. (x)