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Dodgy Southwark Tenancies again

ASS | 22.06.2007 15:44 | Free Spaces | London

How Many Tenancies does Miss Mangle have?

There are thousands of people on Southwark’s housing register trying to get housed, yet papers from the London Borough of Southwark delivered to flats on the Aylesbury Estate show that a number of flats have been given to one person – a Miss M Mangle.

Documents seen so far show that Miss Mangle was granted a tenancy to 72 Missenden on the 30th May 2007, and to 65 Chartridge and 48 Bradenham on the 12th June 2007. It is reported that she had also been granted a tenancy to a property in Wallace Road.

These documents include copies of requests for police assistance to help remove the current occupiers of the various flats on behalf of Miss Mangle. It is claimed that Miss Mangle has rights under Section 7 (1) of the Criminal Law Act. However, as a letter from the Advisory Service for Squatters to the council’s legal department and to the police points out, to have these rights Miss Mangle would have to require each of these properties to live in. As some properties have already been evicted on behalf of Miss Mangle, she can not require any more.

If anyone out there has any more info on Miss Mangle, or happens to be Miss Mangle please contact ASS on 0203 216 0099

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