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Peace Strike - Your Presence Required

Cassandra | 22.06.2007 09:40 | SOCPA | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Terror War | London | South Coast

PEACE STRIKE – THE BIG ONE - Parliament Square Saturday 23rd June
Singer Harry Loco and guest speakers join the Peace Camp in "Don’t Attack Iran" Pre Emptive Peace Strike Number 7

Come to Parliament Square this Saturday June 23rd to join our Peace Strike and show your solidarity with the international movement promoting peace and diplomacy.

This Saturday June 23rd from 2pm, Pre –emptive Peace Strike No 7, everybody is welcome, bring your family and a picnic and share in the open mike session. Guests include singer songwriter Harry Loco (The Dutch Dylan), CASMII Campaign Against Sanctions & Military Intervention in Iraq, Global Women’s Strike, Payday, Smash Edo, Brian Haw and others

This is SOCPA authorised.

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SOCPA authorised

22.06.2007 11:23

why is it SOCPA authorised? Why legitimate corrupt laws?


To Bob

22.06.2007 19:55

Bob - when you organise a demonstration, then you can decide if you will seek authorization. As it is, I think Maria has enough on her plate without being arrested.

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