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Parliament Square Peace Camp

EIRENE | 22.06.2007 06:15 | SOCPA | Anti-militarism | Iraq | London

Parliament Square Peace Camp, 23-28 June 2007
Brown's Tweedledum to Blair’s Tweedledee?
See out Blair See in Brown

SEE OUT BLAIR...On 27 June Tony Blair will finally step down as PM and Gordon Brown – the man who bankrolled and supported Blair’s wars – will take his place. Brown will have a choice to make. Will he be Tweedledum to Blair’s Tweedledee, or will he transform the Labour agenda from pro-war to pro-peace? At this crucial moment the anti-war movement needs to stand up and be counted. We need to stop Brown from choosing business as usual: more war, more terror, more nukes and more restrictions on civil liberties.
SEE IN BROWN...Join us this June for a five-day Peace Camp in Parliament Square to celebrate Blair’s departure and demand that Brown:

* withdraws all British troops from Iraq and Afghanistan
* scraps Trident
* makes a public commitment that the UK will not support a future attack on Iran

JOIN BRIAN...By the time of the camp, Brian Haw will have spent over 2,200 days in Parliament Square demonstrating against sanctions, war and occupation in Iraq. By camping alongside Brian in this critical week we will express our solidarity with him, and signal to politicians and journalists that WAR IS STILL THE ISSUE – for Blair, and now for Brown.

Peace camp timetable
Starts: 12 noon, Saturday 23 June
Sunday 24 June: Gordon Brown becomes Labour Leader. Join the protest outside the special leadership conference in Manchester
Monday 25 - Tuesday 26 June: Limbo in Westminster
Wednesday 27 June: Tony Blair goes to Buckingham Palace to hand in his resignation. Brown takes over.
Finishes: 12 noon, Thursday 28 June



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