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International Nestlé-Free Week resources

Mike Brady | 20.06.2007 16:39 | Analysis | Globalisation | Health

The week of 2-8 July is International Nestlé-Free Week. Exposing and targeting aggressive baby food marketing by the worst of the baby food companies.

Nestlé boycott groups around the world have declared 2-8 July as International Nestlé-Free Week. Nestlé is one of the four most boycotted companies on the planet due to its aggressive marketing of baby foods. It is responsible for more violations of marketing requirements adopted by the World Health Assembly than any other company.

According to UNICEF:

"Marketing practices that undermine breastfeeding are potentially hazardous wherever they are pursued: in the developing world, WHO estimates that some 1.5 million children die each year because they are not adequately breastfed. These facts are not in dispute."

The boycott will continue until Nestlé accepts and acts on a four-point plan put to it by boycott coordinators. Nestlé-Free Week is a new initiative to increase awareness and to involve those who don't want to boycott Nestlé year round or focus on its major product not the full range.

For further information see:
a href="">

This includes instructions for adding banner advertisements to your website or blog.

If this is too big, you can use this smaller image. Again you will find the necessary code on the Nestlé-Free Zone page.
Other resources on the Nestlé-Free Zone page include:

* A powerpoint presentation and short talk to download and adapt.

* Information on a role-playing presentation you could use to raise awareness.

* Details of our new "Fight the Nestlé monster" reusable shopping bag, to be formally launched at the start of Nestlé-Free Week. Order now to have one to use during the week.

* Links to monitoring evidence and recent independent investigations.

* Posters for you place of work or study showing it is a Nestlé-Free Zone.

* A draft email you can adapt to send to friends and colleagues.

Plus lots more.

Direct people to the page for background information and to involve them in the campaign.

Here's the link again:

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