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Protection of paedophile networks

Thomas Deflo | 19.06.2007 12:07 | Analysis | Free Spaces | Other Press

Paedophile networks with high ranking people do exist. A common trait is the complicity of corrupt intelligence agencies to help the guilty maintain their cover. In the article below, we will consecutively address Belgium, Australia and the United States.

Paedophile networks with high ranking people do exist. The networks exist in several countries and practice similar cruelties. In the article below, we will consecutively address Belgium, Australia and the United States. But paedophiles in high places are also active in France, Great-Britain or Portugal. A common trait is the complicity of corrupt intelligence agencies to help the guilty maintain their cover.

Craig J. Spence and Michel Nihoul: 1980s network figures connected with intelligence agencies


In August 1996, investigative judge Jean Marc Connerotte heroically succeeds in freeing two kidnapped children from Marc Dutroux’ cellar. Connerotte’s following investigation focused on paedophile networks. He insists on examining DNA from the bodies of the deceased children. His superiors, however, won’t let him: based on a futility, Connerotte is released from the investigation and replaced by a debutant judge. The attention must not be on the paedophile network around Michel Nihoul, but on Marc Dutroux.

This become painfully clear when several crucial witnesses to the prosecution pass away in strange circumstances:

*Francois Reyskens: in July 1995, he was on his way to the police to present information on the disappearance of Dutroux’ victims Julie and Mélissa. Shortly before reaching the police station, he was run over by a train.
*Bruno Tagliaferro: this ironmonger from Charleroi and acquaintance of Dutroux came up with information on the car with which Julie and Mélissa were kidnapped. He also claimed to possess a list mentioning names connected to Dutroux. On the 5th of november 1995, he was found dead, apparently after suffering a stroke.
His wife Fabienne Jaupart found that hard to believe and demanded a secundary autopsy. Blood samples would have indicated her husband to have died of poisoning. Shortly thereafter, she was found dead as well, left halfburnt on a smoldering mattress, on which traces of inflammable liquid were found [1].
The essential lead to Dutroux’ car swindle is removed effectively by prosecutor Anne Thilly, who apparently goes at arm’s length to hinder the investigation.
*Simon Poncelet, the police inspector investigating that same lead, is found shot on January 22nd 1996. His father emphasizes the connection between this murder and the Dutroux-trial [2].
*Brigitte Jennart, Michel Nihoul and his wife _Anne Bouty_’s dentist, reportedly killed herself on the 5th of April 1998. Jennart is arguably the most important of the deceased witnesses. She knew about the Nihouls managing a traffic with African asylum seekers in which paedophilia played a key part [3].
*In the course of 1996, during the search for the two girls, Anne Konjevoda presents herself telephonically as a witness. The women says she knows more on the connection between the kidnappings and the car swindle in Charleroi. On April 7th 1998, her body is fished out of canal of Liège. An autopsy, however, indicates she died of strangling [4].
*On the 25th of August 1995, Guy Goebels, police inspector into the disappearance of Julie and Mélissa, officially used his service weapon to commit suicide. The parents of the girls know the inspector well and esteem murder to be a more probable cause of death [5].
*Jean Marc Houdmont, another acquaintance of Marc Dutroux, dies on February 25th 1997 in a car accident, while en route to Namur to testify against Dutroux [6].

Remarkably, most of the above witnesses communicated their information to the police or the prosecutors before loosing their life. The intentionally inadequate way in which the investigation into these deaths was done, and the nearly complete media silence about these cases, indicates how a cover up on the paedophile networks was in place from day one.

At his appearance in the Dutroux-trial, a broken Jean-Marc Connerotte summarized it well: how never before so much energy was wasted on the sabotage of an investigation. Connerotte himself was notified by the police on how killing contracts existed to take out certain magistrates as a last resort to hide the truth. He himself had to be transported in a bulletproof car. Nihoul, on the other hand, enjoyed a certain invulnerability [7].

The cover up of the networks is confirmed by the testimony of one of their well-known victims. During the investigation of Dutroux, pedophilia victim Regina Louf recognized Michel Nihoul as one of the child molesters she was confronted with during her childhood [8].
According to Louf, Michel Nihoul played a central part in organizing the so-called ‘Pink Ballets’: meetings during the ‘80s in which minors and children were cruelly abused by men. She testifies how in 1984 Michel Nihoul, together with his wife Anne Bouty, ritually murdered another network victim, Christine Van Hees. She describes the murder into the same excruciating details the investigators had uncovered [9].
Regina also knew the victims Carine Dellaert and Catherine De Cuyper, as well as several other murdered girls.

In August of 1996, Marie-France Botte, an internationally reknowned Walloon child rights activist and avid accuser of paedophile networks, addresses the protection of high-ranking paedophiles in the Belgian press. From then on, her association is constantly being undermined and is forced to close shop eventually. Botte herself reportedly tried to kill herself late 1998 by swallowing an inflammable liquid [10].
Gina Pardaens, a Flemish child rights activist was harassed repeatedly by phone and on the road. She investigated the disappearance of children in a paedophile ring and uncovered information related to Nihoul’s network. In November 1998, she was killed in a car crash [11].

How is it these networks can remain anonymous and free of prosecution? During her childhood abuse, Regina Louf recognized well-known politicians; she mentions high-level judges, police officers and businessmen. Through the interrogations of Regina (called X1 by investigators) and other pedophilia victims X2 and X3, names surface like the ones of Paul Van den Boeynants, Maurice Lippens, Melchior Wathelet, Wilfried Martens, members of the royal family and several other dignitaries. The original (and rather shocking) police examinations with Regina as witness X1 (pp. 8 to 1083), as well as those of X2 (pp.1083 to 1100) and X3 (pp.1100 to 1105), with names and perversities of the accused included, have leaked out on the internet (downloadable through this source).


Dr. Reina Michelson is the director of the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program (CSAPP) in Victoria, southern-Australia and a rewarded advocate for children’s rights across the world. Her story begins in 1995, when she rings the alarm bell about paedophile networks being run from a boarding school in Victoria and a child day-care centre in Melbourne.
Dr. Michelson frequently meets similar victims who testify on the sadistic practices on children from 2 to 14 years old, up to the shooting of paedophile porn movies and even the assassination of children. None of these cases will ever be solved. This injustice goes back to the ‘80s and continues to this day [12], [13].

Media moguls, business men and several politicians are named by paedophilia victims as participants. Nobody is charged or prosecuted. In Australia, the protection of the paedophile networks is extensive.

*The accusations against a day care centre of Mornington, with the abuse against at least 19 young children, is totally neglected by the Victoria police. Neither the parents, nor the victims are heard even once by the police [14].
*In 2002, the complaint against a media mogul from Melbourne, who repeatedly raped a 3 year old boy – an abuse that was confirmed by the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Gatehouse Centre – is dropped merely two days later [15].
*In March 2004, a paedophile victim’s charge against a known TV-personality is dismissed later in the year by the Victoria police [16].
*A paedophile teacher in Melbourne still teaches in high school. He was never interrogated let alone punished [17].

The cover up of the Australian paedophile network is directly maintained by complicity of the security services. Several victims on some occasions even testity on sexual abuse by police officers themselves. In a letter dated April 2004 to the CSAPP, a woman testifies how high-ranking police officers in Victoria took advantage of the local child prostitution ring. This woman was later intimidated by police patrols and feared she would be ‘suicided’. Dr. Michelson herself isn’t spared either: she was burglarized, her family was threatened and she herself is the subject of harassment on a continuing basis [18],

United States

In 1999, Paul Bonacci accuses a series of dignitaries in Nebraska for the abuse he had to endure during the ‘80s as a paedophilia victim. He charges leading police officers, businessmen, media, church and the local community school for orphans. The afro-American Republican politician Larry King, manager for the Community Federal Credit Union in Franklin, is condemned to pay one million dollar in damages.

This trial, just as in Belgium and Australia, indicates how local representatives participate in the child abuse. A recurring theme is the eploitation of schools, daycare centres and orphanages to recruit children, as well as the conditioning of children from a tender age to make them accept the abuse.

The trial in Nebraska opens more ancient wounds. An investigation by Franklin’s board of inquiry shows that the child abuse dates from 1984 and probably even before. Because of her shocking testimony, Lisa, a girl from Franklin forced into a paedophile prostitution ring from the age of 14, undergoes a lie detector test. She recalls how the forementioned Larry King transported her by plane, together with minor boys, to an orgy in Chicago, and how she recognized then presidential hopeful and C.I.A.-director George H.W. Bush among the attendants. This is related in the infamous unofficial biography about the ex-president. The lie detector test indicated Lisa was speaking the truth [21].

Earlier investigative articles from the New York Times from 15 and 22 december 1988 reveal that minors from Franklin to Washington were forced to perform sexually tainted services to prominent paedophiles for years [22].
On the 29th of June 1989 an article appears in the Washington Times titled Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush [23].
In the article, one can read how young prostitutes were taken to the White House and abused at perverse parties with the highest ranking politicical, military and business people. Craig J. Spence, a homosexual Republican lobbyist, had smuggled minors into the White House at least on one occasion.

The paedophilia cases in the U.S. reveal high-level complicity of the intelligence agency C.I.A. in protecting, maintaining and even managing the paedophile networks. Craig J. Spence is a pivotal figure in Washington’s sex scandals. He is the American version of Michel Nihoul. He was the organizer of elitist sex parties in his own mansion where numerous high-ranking participants were discretely being filmed and the videotapes were being kept. This appears in a Washington Times follow up article dated June 30th 1989 [24]. Craig Spence is reported to have said to a friend: I need boys and girls for people in government and high-level businessmen for my parties, for individuals, for whatever comes up [25].

According to Spence, the tapes containing compromising material served as blackmail tools for the C.I.A. His operation was part of a long-term C.I.A. strategy in which call boys and minors were being recruited systematically to feature with domestic and foreign guests in filmed sex parties. The lobbyist slash pimp added he feared for his life by revealing this much on the purpose of the network, and suspected he would one day be found dead by suicide. He was proven right: he was found dead on November 10th 1989 in his room at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Boston [26].


Testimonies from paedophile victims on both sides of the ocean reveal how the organized sexual perversions depass all moral boundaries – participants abandon themselves to rape, torture and even murdering of young people. Events are filmed in so-called snuff movies. Satanic rituals come into play at some occasions.

The shocking aspect is not only that this kind of sickness actually happens. It also hides a well-oiled organization. The sexual blackmail by the C.I.A., and the successfulness of the cover up of the existing international networks, suggests which agency forms the backbone of this organization. Above mentioned examples of paedophile ring protection in Belgium, Australia and the United States show how even paedophilia victims and child rights activists are systematically being harassed and professionally being intimidated. If blackmail or threats don’t prove to be efficient, heavier means are put into place.

Corrupted security and intelligence agencies protect paedophile networks in obediance to powerful officials who apparently feel they are above the law, and who regard the people as fodder for their sexual needs.
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