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"News" NEWS shock. . . . at last, the BBC remembers "Provocations Are Possible"

x | 16.06.2007 12:32 | Iraq | Other Press | Palestine | London | World

. . . . see the intriguing, wiser treatment of at least a couple of the recent pieces in the coverage of the latest attempts to whip bits of the middle east into a distraction from continuing arrests, revelations etc about the puppet neo"cons",in the states, with odd names of recent arrests, inquiries etc in the uk getting nearer to the sad facts at the back of a lot of "spooky" front tales. . . .minderbinder warbux "opinion influencers"spin into news despite media stooge"cult" bunch. gotcha. . . .

. . . . "whoever launched the attack" in the last paragraph of todays coverage of the shia mosque incident, pieces about people wearing fake uniforms - perhaps this years "niger uranium" or "alquaid-saddam link" theories might get sussed for the warbux spinners disinfo they are.
Wising up . . . . about time too.
Cue discussion or . . . .