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Again: German Police Raids 11 Homes Of Activists

(i)me | 13.06.2007 17:05 | G8 Germany 2007

In another strike against the the movement in Germany, police this morning raided 11 homes of activists in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein under suspiscion of forming a "terrorist organisation" (so called "Article 129a").

A few days after the massive protest against the G8 summit in Germany under suspiscion of forming a "radikal left terrorist organisation". Official reason are investigations of an arson attack against vehicles of the German Army in 2006.

As the activist group "Avanti" in Kiel declared in a press statement that "the strategy is obvious: a few days after the use of the German Army (against the German constitution) at the G8 became public, the movement against neo-liberal globalisation and the anti-military resistance should be criminalised". It seems to be no coincidents that police tries to tighten up repression while mainstream media discusses the role of the police during the summit.

Activists call for a Demonstration against the new police repression in Hamburg tonight.



More solidarity Demonstrations

13.06.2007 17:16

There are several announced for Leipzig:

And there will be a Demo against Gentrification in Hamburg: "Picnic/party in the Schanzenpark on Saturday June 16th, to celebrate the opening of the beloved Mövenpick hotel. Everyone is invited ... bring food, drink and something to make a noise with ... don't forget the gas mask."


Solidarity Demonstration In Hamburg

14.06.2007 08:02

hamburg solidarity demonstration
hamburg solidarity demonstration

About 500 people demonstrated against the raids yesterday (wednesday night):