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East End of London community No to unaccountable public office holders

BricklaneandLondonE1BusinessCommunityAndResidentsForum | 13.06.2007 13:44 | Analysis | Globalisation | Social Struggles | London | World

Blair's allagedly cvritical refertences to the 'feral media' on Tiesday giot klengthy poryrauls in parsie of Blair.

Especially by John Lloyd on BBC Newsnight programme last night. None of Lloyds' co-talking heads including the overrated Peter Oborne really got to grips with the core of the evidence - including the facts that could have been easily verified over the years, and the lying career that the likes of Lloyd have made over the decades by sucking up to the state and the ruling regimes.

The 'feral media' must get really feral. It is not at all feral. Not where Tony Blair's behaviour has been concerned. From now on, the media should get to the bottom of the Big claims that spending £Billions in paying multinational conglomerates will bring 'benefits' to deprived areas like the East End of London.

Why don't the media look at the actual amounts being paid to Big Companies who never have to account for their loots

Case in point is the Costs already covered by public grants to private companies under cover of Crossrail.

It will be a disaster many tioems over like the Mill;ennioum Dome.

Gordon Brown beware!

Livinsgioen wants to discredit Brown by deragging him into the Crossrail hole.

Don’t be tenpetd by the devil Liviknmgsoen,. Gordion

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