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9/11 Truth Group Protest At Parliament

Mick Meaney | 13.06.2007 12:40 | Terror War | London

As part of the 11th of Every Month Action Campaign, a London 911 Truth group held a protest at Parliament Square, yesterday.

Among the protesters, last man out of the Twin Towers and five times honoured hero, William Rodriguez with ex MI5 officer and co-chair of the 911 Truth Campaign (Britain & Ireland), Annie Machon.

The protesters apparently received a good reception from the general public and the group hopes to double its numbers by next month, when another event will take place, again on the 11th.

For those wishing to get involved with the London group or other truth groups across the UK see , to keep an eye out for events near you see and for advice, tips and activism resources see

Mick Meaney
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Unwelcome Guests on 9/11

13.06.2007 19:40

Unwelcome Guests is a excellent, anarchist, weekly, 2 hour radio show:

The latest show is:

Unwelcome Guests: #362 Let's Get Emperical
David Ray Griffin on Debunking 9/11 Debunking

The introduction is a very good introduction about why 9/11 should be taken seriously by radical movements, and by taken seriously I mean, as a minimum, spend some hours looking at some of the better 9/11 films, for example:

9/11 Press for Truth

Everybodies Gotta Learn Sometime

9/11 Revisited

Improbable Collapse



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