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Video of Prisoner Solidarity March, 08/06/07

Oscar Beard | 12.06.2007 23:29 | G8 Germany 2007 | Globalisation | Repression | London | World

Video Rushes of the G8 Prisoner Solidarity March

About 700 people marched in Rostock to demand the release of all those arrested during the anti-G8 protests that week.

The march was blocked by hordes of riot police who looked like they had just about had enough. Behind them, according another Indymedia journalist were hundreds of police in vans, waiting for any excuse.

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Oscar Beard
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Video Noise

01.07.2007 16:25

The video was lame since it undermined the actual documentation with bombastic rock music and flashy cuts designed to convey "excitement." This rendered the footage useless as anything but trendy propaganda.
The voices of the people were drowned out as a result.
I hate this Fox News approach to documentation since it is transparently false.

nick zedd
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