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DAWN RAID in Glasgow this morning

Unity Centre | 12.06.2007 08:42 | Anti-racism | Migration

This morning at 7.00am the Home Office Immigration Enforcement Team and Strathclyde Police arrested a family at 10 Red Road Court in what was the first dawn raid in Glasgow since the Waku family were taken in March earlier this year.

Mohammed Arshad and his wife Kishwer and their three teenage children, Ali (19), Fatima (18) and Rashid (16) were detained and taken away. The family, originally from Pakistan, have lived in the UK for six years.

Neighbours and people in the local community and at the local church are shocked and angry that the Home Office have resumed the early morning raids in the week before Refugee Week when many people in Glasgow will be celebrating the arrival of migrants into our community not locking them up! There is talk of a possible meeting tonight outside of 10 Red Road Court to arrange an early morning protest vigil in Red Road tomorrow morning [more details to follow.]

Last week in an interview in the Big Issue Scotland, Phil Taylor - Scottish Regional Director of the Borders and Immigration Agency - was quoted as saying that he wanted to see more families locked up at Dungavel. His comments possibly signalled a renewed period of early morning raids on people's homes - a Home Office practice that was driven to a standstill in Glasgow last October in the face of determined and committed protests by local communities.

We have to make sure Phil Taylor doesn't get his way.

It is even more important now that the protests organised by Unity outside of the Home Office, where the dawn raid vans are based, every day during Refugee Week next week, are supported.

Just as the Waku family were eventually returned to Glasgow we must work hard to make sure Mohammed Arshad and his family return to Glasgow - where they belong!


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