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Is asking the wrong kind of question now "anti-social behaviour"?

National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit-Watch | 11.06.2007 22:26 | Animal Liberation | Repression

It has been confirmed that on Friday 8th June a number of peaceful animal rights activists were physically and forcefully ejected from Cheltenham town hall for asking the 'wrong kind of questions' at a talk given by the Oxford university vivisector Tipu Aziz.

The talk was titled 'Deep Brain Stimulation" sponsored by the Medical Research Council and was held as part of the Cheltenham Science Festival at Cheltenham town hall, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Members of the audience were invited to pose questions to the panel (which included Aziz) but when members of the public started politely posing questions to Aziz regarding invasive surgery on primates all individuals concerned were immediately seized by security guards and frog marched out of the room into the hands of waiting police officers that lined the hallway outside.

Meanwhile outside the town hall some 30 police officers, some with cameras and other intelligence gathering equipment, monitored an ongoing peaceful demonstration against Aziz's visit which comprised of around fifteen peaceful demonstrators.

One man who was forcefully ejected from the talk was later arrested by police for not giving his details under *section 50 of the Police Reform Act 2002. The man was later released from Cheltenham police station on police bail.

So much for an open, challenging and reasoned debate on animal testing with members of the vivisection community, which is something that they the vivisectors have claimed that they aspire to as part of 'a more open approach' regarding their vile practise.

We can see now that this is yet another lie to try and fool the public into thinking that they are 'reasonable' individuals, and that the police are ready to snatch anyone who dares to challenge these people.

*Section 50 Police Reform Act 2002 - This makes it an offence to refuse to give your name and address to a police officer, where the officer reasonably suspects that you have engaged in “anti-social behaviour”.

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