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Athens, Greece: Two anarchists and a female friend in pre-trial detention

imc athens | 09.06.2007 11:53 | Repression | World

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On Tuesday 5th of June, two anarchists and a friend of theirs (all 20-22 years old) were arrested after trying to attack a car of the municipal police in the neighborhood of Paleo Faliro in Athens. During their arrest, all three were beaten up by the police to the point of collapse.

After being beaten further and tortured (mentally and physically) at the Police Headquarters in Athens, the Attorney General order the pre-trial detention of all three.

The condition of the girl is particularly serious and alarming since she is now facing health problems; the vicious attack of the cops and their severe beatings have caused her a nervous breakdown. At dawn she was transfered to two different hospitals in Athens, where the doctors only offered her first aid and refused to accept her for further treatment. The doctors treating her currently (her personal doctor together with the police doctor) both speak of a serious psychotic-related amnesia condition caused by extreme stress during her arrest and detention. Despite this fact the girl is still held at the Police headquarters while her lawyers are trying to get her to another Athens hospital. Should this not happen, she will be transfered to and held at the mental health hospital of the Korydallos prison in Athens.

Meanwhile, the two anarchists have already been transfered to prison.

imc athens


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