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Social Mystery

harely quin | 09.06.2007 05:16 | Analysis | Other Press | Repression | World

The masses are considered to be moronic by political strategists and analysts of almost every persuasion and it’s easy to understand why. In full view of EXPOSED criminal governments, wholesale plunder, global exploitation, outrageous ‘salary’ contracts (hundreds of millions for corporate directors) the people, the herd, the sheep, the slaves, the ‘work force’ -- or whatever other fitting derogatory description you care to make -- sit in their socially underprivileged spaces eating ‘shit’, relatively speaking! In no way or by any stretch of the human imagination is a person who earns 100K/annum hundreds of thousands of times the inferior of a person who earns tens or hundreds of million per year – that is patently obvious YET the sheeple tolerate that inequity and much more.

Imagine China or Russia invading weaker nations on some terrorist pretext and killing thousands of innocent civilians, destroying the society and creating horrendous hardship for the locals! Imagine Russia or China building hundreds of military bases in nations across the globe to ensure the extraction and transportation of stolen resources – imagine that for a moment and then take another bite of your shit sandwich. Are the masses genetically inferior or are they chemically managed via the water and food supply? The paranoid and conspiracy theorists go wild over these matters.

One begins to wonder why the majority are so obliging and willing to take such a servile position in the face of such flagrant injustices, unfairness and inequity. How a few hundred corrupt Chinese government officials manage over one billion, underprivileged, fighting Chinese peasants is truly a mystery? Traditionally religion has placated and tamed the masses but there is no religion in China today! Summary execution may seem to be an effective deterrent but direct violence favours the masses not the minority elites, so what forces are active in sheeple to create such profound obsequiousness?

One can only speak for oneself in these matters and personally I never drink tap water or consume GE or packaged foods, the sense of injustice and outrage I feel ranges from screaming to roaring but it never subsides. I have killed hundreds of the enemy with skill and precision but it only serves to temporarily satisfy my sense of injustice and fair play. Indeed, the course of nations has been altered by means I do not wish to divulge at this stage. I depend on nothing for strength or inspiration except my innate senses, which surely must be common to us all, but I am beginning to wonder.

There are signs of life at times, the thousands who marched and formed the ‘black bloc’ against the G8 in EUROPE – but what of Britain, America and Australia what forces have transformed these populations into the shits of the world – these populations have become perfect lab tests for inquiring minds. I mean, Bush, Blair and Howard, as leaders – give us a break!

Duty calls, another one must bite the dust!


harely quin
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