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G8 - Closing march, harbour rally and prison solidarity pics

vino vino | 08.06.2007 22:21 | G8 Germany 2007 | World

During the morning many protesters joined in the last moments of the gate blockades, many later leaving the gates enmass to converge with protesters from both blockades and protest camps at Rostock train station to march to the closing rally at the Rostock harbour.

During the march, their were halts when a soundsystem had to be negotiated into being able to travel with the crowd into the harbour area.

With hundreds of protesters arriving at the harbour rally, speakers began to relay their thoughts of how the actions against the G8 went - the feeling was generally jubilent with some speeches throwing up some interesting facts such as the various propaganda lies pushed by the police and printed in the press.

During the rally a large group spontaneously took to the streets marching down the road towards the prison to show solidarity with all those still detained. As they set off the police scrambled to block in and surround this group for several hours before they dispersed. A number regrouped at the prison and are awaiting more news on those still inside.


vino vino


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please do not show faces

09.06.2007 13:17

Can people please blur or delete the faces of activists in all your photos you make public. If you cant do this then please DO NOT POST THEM.