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Defend Adult Education. Save ESOL. No Redundancies.

justifiable paranoia | 08.06.2007 16:30 | Education | Workers' Movements

A demonstration is being called by UCU (University and College Union) in response to government cut backs which are resulting in the loss of over 100 adult education courses at Bradford College as well as a number of redundancies for the teaching staff involved.

Saturday 16th June
Centenary Square

Further reading on the issue can be found on the UCU website.

justifiable paranoia


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08.06.2007 18:37

Found this spin on the college website...

Has the college spent £50,000 on the new brand identity?

"Yes, but this investment was not just in the design of the identity. It included:

* Research (all initial desk research and meetings with key staff to draw up the scope of the project; competitor analysis; organisation, delivery and reporting on a series of staff, student and management focus groups)

* Design and development of a range of brand identity options

* Further develop the design of the chosen identity (including typography, colour palettes and some examples of how the design would work across promotional materials)

* Development of a comprehensive brand guidelines manual which includes examples of how the new identity can be applied across the full range of college communications and materials (from corporate stationary and promotional materials through to college vans and signage)."

Has the college spent £150,000 on implementing the new identity?

"No it has not.

£150,000 had already been allocated prior to the rebranding exercise to support maintenance and refurbishment activity including a much needed update of all internal and external signage in all college buildings. We are using this as an opportunity to ensure that this signage contains the new brand identity.

Irrespective of whether or not the rebranding exercise had taken place, this much needed investment would have happened anyway given the number of new developments in the college and relocation of programme and resource areas.

The costs of rebranding all promotional items and materials (from prospectuses and leaflets through to corporate and programme area display stands) will also be covered by this investment."

Could this money have been used to keep community education courses running and the Burley Grange campus open?

"No, because nothing other than Government cutbacks has resulted in a reduction in community education provision and closure of the Burley Grange campus.

All colleges in England have seen severe reductions in funding for adult education. The Government has cut £2.2 million from the college's adult learning grant in 06/07. These cutbacks reflect a change in priorities within the FE sector as more money is targeted at priority groups - 16-19 year olds, adults taking their first level 2 qualification, basic skills and provision for businesses.

As a college, our role is to deliver the Government's new agenda (skills for business)."

no name

It's a matter of priorities

08.06.2007 18:38

So obviously artwork, signs and 'provision for business' are more important than the communities that will lose social and educational opportunities, not to mention the teaching staff that will lose their jobs. Bet they're well impressed, still a small consolation is that they will lie awake at night, safe in the knowledge that at least the new signs will ensure that no one gets lost on their way to the toilet, and that big business will have a handful more media students or something.

Good One!