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G8: a very brief summary in pictures, videos and a few words.

colonos | 08.06.2007 03:51 | G8 Germany 2007

...a very brief summary -in pictures, videos and a few words- of the G8 events of late, beriddled as they have been by police brutality[videos below], agent provocateurs[1] (which in any decent journalism would have entirely overshadowed a few radicalised, state repressed groups' retaliation for the violence commenced by the authorities[2]) and the completely distorted "journalism" by the corporate press..

This is posted with pix etc. at:

An intro for those who can read German:

"ORDNUNG MUSS SEIN - Merkelst dir dass!"

Image in universal language:

The Art of Policing and Protesting:

....and just to make sure that you know: the police will hit anyone - i repeat anyone:

...even if you are a mainstream organisation like Greenpeace, the global police state will attack to kill:

Creative, uplifting images: - Way to go, comrades! :)

In conclusion, although not very good quality video, sarcastically presented in German text, but the images speak for themselves: police brutality with thick, weapon-like gloves[3], business as usual:

Finally, this video with German text and speech where in the final interview a bystander notes that the autonomous groups were attacked by the police without any prior provocation - and "strangely" the attack came right when the autonomous groups were passing a construction site where stones and other material were abundant (we're talking about a police operation that costs millions and millions of Euros and a legal, declared march with a predecided route - yet there is a whole street fight arsenal freely available in the very moment that the police attacks unprovoked???):

Further info available at:

And live video at:

The struggle continues

[1]: This is the only "proof", so far, but there is surely more to come: - the incident was distorted by German ZDF into a case of "peaceful protestors distancing themselves from a violent one", rehearsing the old familiar divide and conquer strategy of the state and the pseudo-state NGOs:,4070,5548496-6-wm_dsl,00.html

At the Genoa, 2001 G8 - the proof was quite clear:
More at:


[3]: The gloves, which are reinforced with metals and presumably space age things like kevlar, look something like this:

Police brutality/violence/repression:


For the historical view of brutality:

- and a previous violent raid in connection with G8:

- and the murder of Carlo:

- and the general state of affairs in Genoa: - which will be repated again and again and again and again and again and again and again...........

WATCH A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT THE G8 2007 CALLED 'genova citta aperta':

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