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G8 West Gate Blockaded - thurs 7th june

pixie | 07.06.2007 14:42 | G8 Germany 2007 | Globalisation

A large group of well over one thousand people has this afternoon blockaded the west gate into the g8 security zone. Defying the protest ban they spent hours crossing fields and moving fast through the forests to emerge from the tree line just one field away from the west gate.

These two pics were taken after the one hour 'battle' which consisted mainly of police firing water canon down the hill as people tried to take the road. That said there was really no need to take the road since it was now blockaded with five water cannon, two tanks and over one hundred police vehicles. In fact for many the water canon was a relief to the scorching heat of the sun.

There were some nasty moments though when police baton charged the crowd and used pepper spray.

Throughout the time of the blockade more people have been streaming through the fields to join them, some groups being as large as 300. As we write this groups have been splitting off from the main group heading who knows where.

Other groups have been dragging fallen trees and logs across other access roads and playing cat and mouse with the police in the forests.

It has to be said these blockades have been inspirational...



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