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ab | 07.06.2007 04:22 | G8 Germany 2007 | Repression | World

About 200 or more autonomous masked up protesters tried to get to the security fence this morning at about 4.30 am, but they stopped shortly after Reddlich after a clash with the police.

The activists built some barricades and as the helicopter seemed to have got up with them, police caught up with them early after about 50 m out of Reddlich town.
The autonomistas had built a barricade, some stones and few (one, two or three) molotov cocktails might have been thrown, but it did not seem that anybody got injured and all the stuff seemed to land on the pavement.

The Robocops then took first posession of the barricade and afterwards dissembled it, whilst the protesters took to the fields and the nearby woods.

So far, it seems that no arrests were made as it was very early in the morning and most of the police seem to head straight on into the direction of the fence to enforce security there.

At Reddlich camp, at about 5.30 am, police started to assemble at the entrance, numbers were said to be 50 - 100.

The camp information said over loudspeakers at about 6am, that the police would have no intention to enter the camp, but would just be there to accomany any march or demonstrationleaving the camp in future.