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G8 Blockade Occupies Road - (Gate 2 Shut Down!)

acrobat | 06.06.2007 16:13 | G8 Germany 2007 | Globalisation | World

Pics from today's Block G8 mass action that left from the Reddlich campsite.

Thousands of people marched through the fields and forests before splitting into several different coloured blocks to take the main SE road to the G8 security fence.

This was one of several blockades which seem to have shut down all roads to the G8.

regrouping after fast march through forest and fields
regrouping after fast march through forest and fields

moving into position
moving into position

approching target
approching target

guess who?
guess who?

G8 Security Gate 2
G8 Security Gate 2

road and rail blocked
road and rail blocked

police negotiator!.....
police negotiator!.....

part of the thousands blocking the road
part of the thousands blocking the road

more later.



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07.06.2007 16:43

I am so glad that thousands of like minded persons are in Germany at the moment representing all of us that could not make it.. I just want to give my support from Boston USA,

Chris Fernandez
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you have my support

07.06.2007 17:25

although I wasn't able to make it. All of you have my support from the US.

keep up the fight for the right reasons!
El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido!

Angela P.

No Globalisation

07.06.2007 19:05

You have mine and my family's full support. End capitalism, Stop Globalisation, Resist and fight corporate domination.


Marchar ke el pueblo va a triunfar

07.06.2007 23:34


I cannot be with you to support fisically the blocked, but I am with you.
I am so happy for the good work of yesterday and to day.
Thanks for working to make a better World for all.

Tierra Agua y Libertad
Presos politicos libertad

Justicia para Oaxaca, Atenco y todos los pueblos del mundo


Alfredo Ramirez
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green path is best

08.06.2007 08:53

"through the fields and forest", i love it, AWESOME . many thanks from your comrades, we are watching, here in humboldt california.
love is a military threat.

the beekeeper


08.06.2007 16:18

International solidaridat!

From Italy

"don' stop me know if you wanna have a good time"