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Eastcroft Incinerator – "You can’t polish a turd”

Jon Beresford | 06.06.2007 12:52 | Climate Chaos | Health

Waste Recycling Group (don't be fooled by the name) have retracted thier apeal against the decision to reject thier planning application to expand Eastcroft incinerator.

But the fight steps up as WRG confirm they are to re submit a new application, but thier are only cosmetic changes.

WRG, owners of Eastcroft incinerator lost their planning application in September 2006, to expand their incinerator, WRG plan to import an additional 100,000 tonnes of waste in Nottingham to burn in the City centre rather than recycle.

Following the rejection, they appealed to the Planning Inspector and NAIL campaigners were gearing up to fight at a Public Inquiry this year. However WRG have now withdrawn their appeal.

NAIL (Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill), locals and other campaigners are not celebrating just yet, as WRG have confirmed they are to re-submit a further Planning Application by the End of June.

They could have accepted that the people of Nottingham said NO, the Planning Officer said NO and the Planning Committee unanimously voted NO, but WRG have chosen to fight the will of the people, putting WRG's profit before our heath and the our environment.

WRG could have revised their application to a least improve the process by adopting modern technology, or by removing material for recycling prior to combustion, but the only changes to their application are cosmetic, basically a face lift.

The incinerator will still leave Nottingham with an embarrassing low recycling rate, one of the lowest in the country, it will still pump out mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, thallium, dioxins, PCB’s and hundreds of thousands of tonnes of global warming gases.

Yet WRG claim that the that incinerator will produce renewable energy! What an utter rubbish, there is nothing renewable about burning waste made from oil based plastics and products which, if not recycled have to be replaced by the earths dwindling resources using huge quantities of fossil fuled energy.

An incinerator is an incinerator, no matter what colour you paint it and at the end of the day WRG, you cannot polish a turd!

The fight goes on.

Jon Beresford

Jon Beresford
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WRG's 'new' Incinerator plans

06.06.2007 15:03

Obviously they knew they would lose this one on an Appeal and didn't think anyone would notice if they put in another application for the same thing under a different guise.

This is the same application with a promise of a prettier chimney - WRG try once again to put profit before health; communities; the environment - even democracy.

NAIL worked really hard last year to make sure that people knew what was going on - before the campaign this expansion was already practically a done deal and the people of Nottingham stood up to be counted and we won.

Regeneration was the main reason the Council turned it down before, but major public concern and the huge amount of anti-expansion opinion was the next factor in the refusal.

Stand up now Nottingham! Visit for info and to find out what you can do to put this to bed once and for all.

kaye brennan
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