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The Guardian joins Crossrail hole plotters in lying to udnerstate costs

AADHIKARonline in association with Khoodeelaar! No to Crossrail hole Bill | 04.06.2007 12:14 | Analysis | Globalisation | London | World

The case against CrossRail hole plot Bill has always been that it is a crassly conceived project. That it is being sued as a giant Trojan horse by Bog Business and contractors to loot £billions from the UK public under cover of improving transport in London. The hundreds of inaccuracies , fabrications, contradictions as still contained in the promotional assertions and plugs for CrossRail, have been exposed over the past 3 years plus by the Khoodeelaar! campaign. But newer lies are being told. Today's r plug for Crossrail , posted on the Guardian web site allegedly as a report on the Blair party's deputy leadership contenders is the latest, and the most drastic act of lying Crassly for Crossrail

Quoting from AADHIKARonline comment just published 1200 Hrs GMT Monday 4 June 2007
ADHIKARonline 5th Edition London 1200 Hrs GMT Monday 04.06.2007The Guardian openly lies for Crossrail hole plot!7 March 2007 “The Guardian article, "Livingstone and business leaders urge government to fund £10bn Crossrail scheme", By Dan Milmo, ...”21 March, Guardian, Dan Milmo, £10 bn Crossrail29 May 2007, Dan Milmo, the Guardian ‘transport correspondent’ wrote “Gordon Brown is also understood to favour the £10bn Crossrail project” and 6 days later, the same Guardian’s same Dan Milmo has produced a fantastic budgetary feat of saving [“!!] £2.7 Billion on the costs of Crossrail! It is no longer £10Billion Crossrail but a mere £8.3Billion! If that is the rate at which the costs of the Crossrail hole plot are reduced then by the end of this week, we should be able to look at a Crossrail plot that will not cost the UK public anything at all! AADHIKARonline in association with Khoodeelaar! Is reporting all of this week [starting on Monday 4 June 2007] on the latest lies being peddled by the Big Business Crossrail hole plotters

AADHIKARonline in association with Khoodeelaar! No to Crossrail hole Bill
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