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G8 Report Round Up - 1st June - Bombodrom Besieged!

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G8 News round up taken from reports on Indymedia Germay - 1st June 2007

More people are now arriving in Rostock and heading to the main convergence campsites. Some of the local trains have been packed with people on their way to protest against the G8, extra services have been provided and even a special ticket for cheaper travel during the week of demonstrations has been made available. Meanwhile some shops have started to board up their shop fronts on the advice of the police.

In Rostock there´s of course now a large police presence across the city and secreted in little squares off main roads, and some reports of searches and ID checking as well as cars being stopped. Despite this no one seems put off and meetings at the various venues are continuing into the night.

This afternoon the anti-militarism actions at the Bombodrom have been taking place with rallies in Schweinrich and Neu-Lutherow attracting hundreds of people.

The 142 square kilometre Bombodrom (80 km north of Berlin) was used as a bombing range by the Soviet army for 40 years. Since 1992 the German military has been trying to take over the facility to establish an air-ground bombing range for German, EU and NATO forces to conduct combined operations of air and ground forces. In protesting at the site the demonstrators are trying to highlight the connection between the G8 and war and to clearly show their rejection and resistance to war (for more see

Following the rallies the military area began to be occupied as people began erecting tents to create a temporary settlement. A military tower was painted pink in a repeat of a previous action that saw the military destroying a similar tower when they couldn´t get rid of all the pink paint!

By 4.30pm this afternoon another settlement was being set up with around 100 people. The first had already reached over 500 people. Reports said that there was no immediate military police presence and that the normal cops are not allowed there as it is a military site. Later the Bike Caravans against the G8, from the East and West, arrived at Bombodrom to join the anti-militarism action. They will continue towards Rostock tomorrow for the mass demo, then some will head towards Heiligendamm.

For first report and pics of the Bombodrom occupation see:

Earlier today a spokesperson for the convergence campsites expressed their disappointment that for the second time in two weeks, the Kavala (a special police coordination unit during the G8 protests) did not turn up for a scheduled meeting with the Camps organising group. Another attempt to talk to the police also failed this morning.

The meeting was supposed to discuss the police behavior in relation to hindering the setting up of the camps. Two weeks ago, the Kavala did not turn up for another scheduled meeting. The Camps spokesperson considered this a "sabotage of their efforts to negotiate with the police". "In such conditions, negotiations don't make any sense," he added.

It is also becoming clear that as they fill up, the three camp sites will not be sufficient for the large numbers of protesters who are now expected.

The police were further criticised this afternoon for hindering the setting up of an info point on E. Schlesinger St. (just to the south of Rostock central station), a previously approved 'long-term rally'.

Despite the sometimes over pre-occupied attention given to the security arrangements of such large summit meetings and their associated protests it´s certainly true that in Germany there is a large amount of sympathy for the protestors. With the repressive ban on demonstrations creating an exclusion zone of several kilometers around the G8 fence people seem even more determined to make their protest.

Tomorrow sees the main G8 demonstration in Rostock with over 100,000 people expected to take to the streets.

[report compiled from imc germany breaking news ticker and newswire reports]


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