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CRTICAL MASS - friday - may be the biggest ever?

rikki | 22.05.2007 07:55 | SOCPA | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Repression | London

police have won a high court appeal. it means that 'organisers' of the critical mass bike ride have to inform the police ahead of time and negotiate a fixed route. since there are really no organisers, the mass will have difficulty complying. it is simply a get-together of cyclists to go for an unorganised but synchronistic ride. a large turn-out will complicate the enforcement of this repressive decision.

back in october 2005, after the introduction of SOCPA (serious organised crime and police act) section 132, controlling protest around parliament, police handed out their leaflets warning the mass may be controlled.

in response, around 1500 cyclists took to the streets in november, bringing central london to a standstill, and making it impossible for the police to enforce their crazy repression.

you don't have a lot of time to organise, but if you want to build a similar event, it's up to everyone to spread this news far and wide - leaflet, poster and recruit your local cycle shop, write to your local newspaper ("local person intends to defy police ban by cycling on friday"), swamp your mailing lists, and so on and so on.

remember, the critical mass is not an 'organised' event, and so cannot notify the police in advance of its route. since it's not organised by any one person, it means everyone who wants a mass needs to do something this week to make it happen large! no-one will do it for you.

so start acting, and think positive and huge - if 1500 can come out on a cold november night over this issue, think how many might turn up on a pleasant may evening?

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