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Indymedia Censorship - the bad old days are back again

reclaim Indymedia | 21.05.2007 12:49 | Indymedia

It took a lot of work to save Indymedia last year and now we are going down the same route.

reclaim Indymedia | 21.05.2007 12:32 | Indymedia | London | World

In 2006 the UK newswire was nearly closed because of the attitude of some of those with the rights to hide or remove posts. There was widespread editing and removing of posts and only determined action by a small group (The Indymedia Monitoring Team) prevented the newswire being closed down for good.

We are now seeing the same problem again. Over the weekend large numbers of posts on various subjects have been removed (not not hidden and viewable on the View All Posts pages) it sames by the same person who did the same last year.

I expect this post to be removed as well so I will continue to post it every couple of hourse so peeps can see the truth of what is hapening to our site.

reclaim Indymedia