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New Report Challenges Basic Assumptions About Climate Change

Paul T | 21.05.2007 12:44 | Climate Chaos | Health | Technology

About climate change and 'chem-trails'.

Is this a jet spraying chemicals?
Is this a jet spraying chemicals?

A new report has been published which challenges certain basic assumptions about climate change. The report has been written by an independent lay researcher, and is backed by over 20 signatories from diverse backgrounds. The report presents significant ground-based and space-based data which indicates that ongoing illegal and unacknowledged aerosol spraying from aircraft could be affecting our climate. Copies of the report have been sent to Greenpeace, the Civil Aviation Authority, The Royal Air Force and DEFRA, challenging them to investigate the data themselves.

Derbyshire, UK (PRWEB) May 19, 2007 -- An independent lay researcher, with a background in Software Engineering, from Derbyshire, UK, has published a new report which documents ongoing illegal aerosol spraying activities which could be affecting our climate, our health or both. This activity can be seen in multiple, repeated instances of persistent aircraft trails across our skies.

Andrew Johnson said that, like most other people, he assumed, for many years, that the trails were just ordinary vapour trails (called 'contrails') .

"In 2004, I began to notice that these trails did not behave like contrails at all. Then, on 10th June 2005, I witnessed a grid of aircraft trails right outside my window, just before sunset," Andrew has included copies of 2 photographs of this 'grid' in the report. "I sent the picture to the local paper and they published it. I also had it published on a popular website in the USA and I received quite a number of e-mail responses to the picture. Most of the responses described my picture as being of a grid of 'chemtrails' and quite a few people sent me similar pictures they had taken." Andrew then decided to write an article about this 'grid' picture and what the background to it seemed to be. The article was published, online, in September 2005 on the website of Phenomena Magazine.

"Since then, I have continued to photograph and study the chemtrails. I made some "time-lapse" videos using a webcam and this clearly showed the trails did not behave like ordinary 'contrails' or even clouds. I found that several other people have done this, including a former TV weatherman from Idaho, called Scott Stevens. I became more and more convinced that something was wrong - the time lapse footage clearly shows the difference between contrails and chemtrails. On 4th February this year, in a period of two and a half hours, I filmed 42 aircraft leaving long-lasting trails over the centre of Derby. I edited the film clips together (which were all time-stamped) and posted the results on the Internet. I reference this video in my report, and have included a copy on DVD."

Later, David Griffin, a Virtual Learning Environment Materials author based in Nottingham, contacted Andrew to share a weather satellite photo he had found, taken on the same day, which clearly showed the chemtrails.

David, who is a signatory to the report, said, "For me, the fact many of us around the country notice particularly heavy days of this phenomena and have recently managed to link the activity via satellite imaging systems, is some sort of concrete evidence that something is going on here. This evidence alone should be sufficient to at least initiate an enquiry of some sort."

Andrew explains, in the report, that the Physics of the formation of aircraft vapour trails are fairly straightforward. "On every cold winter's day, when we breathe out, we can see our breath. The reason is that our breath is warm and the winter air is cold. Tiny droplets of water vapour condense out of the warm air to form 'clouds of visible breath', before the warm air quickly cools and the 'clouds' disappear again. This is very similar to the process that is happening about 30,000 feet in the air, when hot exhaust gases from jet engines heat the air. Water droplets condense out of the exhaust fumes and from the cooler surrounding air and form a contrail - an abbreviation of condensation trail. Even in ideal conditions, these trails should become invisible after 1 or 2 minutes. This would therefore make the formation of a persistent grid of trails (like the one shown in my photograph) impossible without additional substances being sprayed or emitted from the aircraft".

Over the last few months, Andrew said that he has found a number of other people share his concerns and they have therefore agreed to be signatories to the report. For example, David Sherlock of Swanley, Kent said "I have been researching the phenomenon of aircraft releasing chemtrails into our skies. I noticed that these exhaust trails were not dispersing. After much research I discovered some startling facts as to the composition of the trails. I fully encourage more investigation into this matter."

In the report, Andrew outlines some of the work of former US Department of Defence Research Scientist Clifford Carnicom. Carnicom has tested samples of material which appear to be present in chemtrails and he has discovered Barium compounds. Samples of air from Los Angeles, for example, contained increased levels of Potassium and Calcium.

Brian Dovey, of East Tilbury said, "Over the last couple of months I have taken pictures with an old compact camera of these long trails, disturbingly most do not dissipate as contrails do, these linger and fan out over wide areas of sky usually resulting in a grey 'smogging' effect, later in the day. I really would like some answers to this phenomenon from someone in government circles."

Albert Shine, a former Aircraft Technician from Morecambe, Lancashire, said "My background is in aviation, thus I am very familiar with many current helicopters, civil airliners and some military types. As regards this phenomenon, which I have dubbed designer pollution, I was at first sceptical, until I began to observe chemtrails over Morecambe." He added "Many more people now suffer a wide spectrum of breathing related complaints (asthma is now quite common), frequent flu-like symptoms and lingering colds etc and this 'designer pollution' may be a contributory cause. It is vital that this matter is brought to as wide a section of the public as possible and it should merit headlines in the media".

As regards the report which Andrew has produced, Shine said, "The challenge to the authorities ought to be a thunderous roar demanding exposure of just what is going on. What Andrew Johnson is seeking to do, and the calm and meticulous submission that he has prepared is an excellent start."

Gil Williamson of Masham, North Yorkshire, a former member of the Armed Forces said "If the information from the US is correct, this spraying is very harmful to our health and should be stopped immediately. I certainly have not given my permission to be sprayed on, and judging by previous secret experiments unearthed by the Guardian Newspaper, this is a total breach of our democratic rights and should be stopped immediately. "

Andrew points out that "Gil is quite correct in that declassified documents show that we have been sprayed before - in the 1950's and 1960's - with biological agents and I mention this matter in the report."

Nick Buchanan, a Lecturer in North West England, stated "I would like to know if the phenomena of chemtrails is what has led to the otherwise inexplicable rise in asthma of the last two decades. Proportions are now epidemic."

Another signatory to the report, Belinda McKenzie - a London-based language specialist - said "In the 1960's and 1970's, I was an avid sun-bather and, in warm weather, was almost always outside whenever the sun was. I never noticed anything like these trails then and I am therefore convinced the ones we are seeing now, so regularly, have some other cause than ordinary air traffic."

Andrew responds, "Many people are concerned about this issue, but are faced with a wall of denial by all Official Bodies - including non-partisan environmental organizations. People will undoubtedly criticize the report I have published because it has no 'Official Backing', but the report contains some very basic, easily verifiable data which proves things are not as the should be. I would argue that the report is truly independent - as it has been produced without any funding and it has been reviewed and agreed on by a 'lay jury' of over 20 people. We hear a great deal in the news about 'climate change' and 'global warming', yet all official bodies who discuss these issues ignore the sort of data presented in this report. This leads me to believe that these bodies must have drawn incorrect conclusions, which should now be subject to immediate and urgent review. Legislation has now been passed which assumes certain causes for climate change and we are increasingly subject to 'scare stories' about this. The data in the report adds a new dimension to this equation and is therefore very important in that regard alone. I encourage anyone and everyone to review the report for themselves and collect their own data too. Unless the illegal spraying suddenly stops, people will easily be able to verify the reality of this activity for themselves."

The report can be viewed, online at  http://www.checkthe evidence. com/Chemtrails/ or using this shorter link:

Andrew Johnson
22 Mear Drive
DE72 3QW
Tel: 01332 674271

Paul T
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Neptune News

21.05.2007 12:59

Neptune is the planet farthest from the Sun (Pluto is now considered only a dwarf planet), Neptune is the planet farthest from the Earth, and to our knowledge, there has been absolutely no industrialization out at Neptune in recent centuries. There has been no recent build-up of greenhouse gases there, no deforestation, no rapid urbanization, no increase in contrails from jet airplanes, and no increase in ozone in the low atmosphere; recent changes at Neptune could never be blamed on any human influence. Incredibly, an article has appeared in a recent issue of Geophysical Research Letters showing a stunning relationship between the solar output, Neptune's brightness, and heaven forbid, the temperature of the Earth.

In case you have forgotten your basic science lessons on the planets, Neptune orbits the Sun at a distance 30 times the distance from the Earth to the Sun and Neptune revolves around the Sun once every 164.8 Earth years. Neptune has 17 times the mass of the Earth, its atmosphere is primarily composed of hydrogen and helium, with traces of methane that account for the planet's distinctive blue appearance. It was the only planet discovered mathematically - scientists noted variations in the orbit of Uranus, they calculated the orbit and position of a yet undiscovered planet that could cause the variations noted for Uranus, they determined where the planet should be, and on the first night they searched for it (September 23, 1846), they discovered the large planet sitting within 1 degree of their predictions. The new planet was named for Neptune, Roman god of the sea, given its distinctive blue color. Observations from Earth and a 1989 Voyager 2 flyby have revealed that Neptune's cloud tops are extremely cold (-346°F) being so far from the Sun while the center of the planet has a temperature of 13,000°F due to high pressure generating extremely hot gases.

In the recent article, Hammel and Lockwood, from the Space Science Institute in Colorado and the Lowell Observatory, note that measurements of visible light from Neptune have been taken at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona since 1950. Obviously, light from Neptune can be related to seasons on the planet, small variations in Neptune's orbit, the apparent tilt of the axis as viewed from the Earth, the varying distance from Neptune to Earth, and of course, changes in the atmosphere near the Lowell Observatory. Astronomers are clever, they are fully aware of these complications, and they adjust the measurements accordingly.

As seen in Figure 1, Neptune has been getting brighter since around 1980; furthermore, infrared measurements of the planet since 1980 show that the planet has been warming steadily from 1980 to 2004. As they say on Neptune, global warming has become an inconvenient truth. But with no one to blame, Hammel and Lockwood explored how variations in the output of the Sun might control variations in the brightness of Neptune.

Figure 1 (a) represents the corrected visible light from Neptune from 1950 to 2006; (b) shows the temperature anomalies of the Earth; (c) shows the total solar irradiance as a percent variation by year; (d) shows the ultraviolet emission from the Sun (Source: Hammel and Lockwood (2007)).

What would seem so simple statistically is complicated by the degrees of freedom in the various time series which is related to the serial correlation in the data (e.g., next year's value is highly dependent on this year's value). Nonetheless, they find that the correlation coefficient between solar irradiance and Neptune's brightness is near 0.90 (1.00 is perfect). The same relationship is found between the Earth's temperature anomalies and the solar output. Hammel and Lockwood note "In other words, the Earth temperature values are as well correlated with solar irradiance (r = 0.89) as they are with Neptune's blue brightness (|r| > 0.90), assuming a 10-year lag of the Neptune values." The temporal lag is needed to account for the large mass of Neptune that would require years to adjust to any changes in solar output.

Hammel and Lockwood conclude that "In summary, if Neptune's atmosphere is indeed responding to some variation in solar activity in a manner similar to that of the Earth albeit with a temporal lag" then "Neptune may provide an independent (and extraterrestrial) locale for studies of solar effects on planetary atmospheres."

World Climate Report has covered many articles in the scientific literature showing that variations in solar output, including variations within specific wavelengths (e.g., cosmic, ultraviolet, visible, infrared) are highly correlated with temperature variations near the Earth's surface. Believe it or not, when the Sun is more energetic and putting out more energy, the Earth tends to warm up, and when the Sun cools down, so does the Earth. The Hammel and Lockwood article reveals that the same is true out at Neptune; when the Sun's energy increases, Neptune seems to warm up and get brighter given a decade lag.

If for some reason you do not believe that the Sun is a significant player in determining the temperature of the Earth (after all, we are told repeatedly that humans are causing most of the observed warming on the Earth), then asked yourself if you believe that Neptune's temperature is controlled by the Sun. How is it possible that the Earth's temperature is so highly correlated with brightness variations from Neptune? The news from Neptune comes to us just weeks after an article was published showing that Mars has warmed recently as well.

If nothing else, we have certainly learned recently that planets undergo changes in their mean temperature, and while we can easily blame human activity here on the Earth, blaming humans for the recent warming on Mars and Neptune would be an astronomical stretch, to say the least.


Hammel, H. B., and G. W. Lockwood, 2007. Suggestive correlations between the brightness of Neptune, solar variability, and Earth's temperature, Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L08203, doi:10.1029/2006GL028764.

Calm voice of reason

from false premises flow false conclusions

21.05.2007 16:03

"Even in ideal conditions, these trails should become invisible after 1 or 2 minutes. This would therefore make the formation of a persistent grid of trails (like the one shown in my photograph) impossible without additional substances being sprayed or emitted from the aircraft".

UH -- define "ideal conditions"

Air always contains more or less water vapor. How much depends upon the temperature as the air can hold more water in a vapor state at higher temperatures. When the temperature falls, some of this water vapor will condense or crystalize (depending on temeprature). EXCEPT -- initally it is difficult for either droplets of liquid water or cyrstals of ice to form as there is no "seed" (no surface nearby of the substance in liquid or solid state to which molecules in the gas state can attach).

Air under these conditions is said to be "super staturated". The additon of any droplets of crystals into air in this state will cause very rapid cloud formation (water in the gas state is transparent in the visable spectrum but either liquid droplets or solid crystals will scatter light => a visable cloud.

When a plane flies through saturated or super saturated air the contrail does NOT disperse in 1-2 minutes. Instead if forms a persistant and often growing cloud. The droplets condesing in the trail of the plane make excellent "seeds".

Mike Novack
mail e-mail: stepbystpefarm