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Hicks has Landed

budgie | 20.05.2007 06:52 | Anti-militarism | Other Press | Repression | World

Hicks has landed, the Eagle is moulting, the Roo has been shot, the Emu has impaled itself on a boundary fence and local mass media outlets are falling over themselves to toe the propaganda line. The first hysterical element of local reporting is the strained phraseology in use by servile journos, “convicted terrorism supporter … confessed terrorism supporter … Australian Qaeda supporter”, etc. Few media outlets seem to have any idea of the implications of the word “convicted”, which implies the result of a legitimate, legal process; a process that was clearly denied David Hicks. History will record it thus as the Truth is widely known!

A far more accurate lead-in would read: ‘Guantanamo torture victim delivered into the hands of local regulators’ or ‘illegally detained torture victim arrives in SA’ or ‘torture victim denied his rights arrives home to face local regulators’; perhaps even, ‘ill-educated and foolhardy Australian adventurer learns bitter lessons of government neglect’ or maybe, ‘Aussie political pawn abused by U.S. and Australian governments returns home’! LET THE READER BE THE JUDGE and cease the BIASED reporting please, it simply doesn’t ‘cut it’!

The ‘elephant in the kitchen’ that everyone is at pains to avoid is the coerced confession, legal liability for criminal abuse, illegal deprivation of liberty, human rights abuses, criminal compensation, and the indictment of the administrations and their political lackeys for war crimes and other crimes against humanity – the truth is already in the public domain and history will no doubt record further injustices suffered by Hicks.

Numerous efforts to neutralise the heroic aspects of the Hicks case prior to Hicks' transfer to (servile) Australian regulators indicate the acute sensitivity and guilt of the Australian and U.S. authorities in relation to David Hicks.

Press releases stating that Hicks was a harmless adventurer with a less than average IQ; that Hicks confessed to everything for the price of a hamburger, to the absurd claim made by an extraordinarily ‘intelligent’ American military prosecutor, that Hicks is a ‘lucky’ man, “lucky”! Now there’s an interesting term in the circumstances, only the American military could have made such a moronic remark!

We do not regret to inform the Howard and Bush (criminal) governments that the Hicks case is far from over, advice from various local and international legal advocates would indicate that it has barely begun. The Australian people will no doubt take the entire experience of Howard’s neglect and cynical exploitation of David Hicks to the ballot box in the forthcoming elections – and perhaps to the international criminal court. The world is in no confusion regarding the identity of the REAL criminals in this matter!

As for David Hicks welcome home, mate!


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