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"Bollocks 2 Blair" needs to be clearly defined... please help!

Charity Sweet | 13.05.2007 18:12 | SOCPA | History | Repression | London

I have been reading up on "bollocks" and have found a variety of meanings and usages.

Back in the day, around 1000 A.D., it gave reference to a small ball. Later on, in the 18th century, it referred to a priest and cuz priests talk such shite, it gave further reference to the shite that priests spoke - bollocks... and the meaning of the word continued to grow to testicles and beyond...

It's 'the dog's bollocks' gives reference to a very good meaning. If the dog enjoys licking his bits so much, it must be good... so the story goes.

It's the 'bollocks' is just a shortened version of 'dog's bollocks'.

You can give someone a 'bollocking' - read a person their fortune - go up one side of them and down the other - verbally - 'a bollocking' is to tell someone clearly what you think that implies negative connotation.

'Bollocks' also gives clear reference specifically to 'testicles' with regards to the 'dog's bollocks'.

'It's a load of bollocks' also means 'it's a pile of shit'. Conversely, "It's the bollocks!" means something is really very good, see dog licking testicles. You have to love the English language and especially the British slang!

If someone were to 'bollocks up the job', that would mean to make a 'cock-up', a mistake

In reference to the Sex Pistols and their album... 'bollocks' means rubbish or nonsense. This case was won partially on the grounds that HRH Charlie is familiar with its varies usages in public and the good linguistic professor stated that surely, England would be a greater nation for the expression of 'bollocks' as opposed to the incarceration of those who would say 'bollocks.

In my research, I have found a young lady who was chastised at a fair for wearing a 'bollocks to blair' t-shirt, forced to cover up said t-shirt by police, and was apparently given a ticket on a public order offence section 5 for apparently causing the public harassment, alarm and distress - no charges laid.

Another gentleman elsewhere in England was also held to account under Public Order for his B2B t-shirts.

Apparently, this 'bollocks' has spread far and wide, over the countryside.

I am not the first person to say "Bollocks 2 Blair" and I doubt I will be the last, although the phrase might take a turn to "Bollocks 2 Brown". Same shite, different politician/liar/war-mongering lunatic/day.

The question remains... what does "Bollocks 2" mean?

As a Canadian with English parents, brought up on Benny Hill, the Two Ronnies and Monty Python, I think I have a fairly good idea and I am looking for some input from the public to add weight to my legal argument.

What does "Bollocks 2 Blair" mean to you?
How does it - "Bollocks 2" - translate into modern day English?

For example... "Bollocks 2" Blair could be replaced by the statement

Get stuffed Blair?
Nonsense to Blair / Blair is a nonsense?
Testicles to Blair?

I welcome any and all input from the English regarding this wonderfully useful slang term with so many variations, pretty please with sugar on top and two cherries!


Charity XXX

P.S. I can't quite seem to find any words that could literally translate this statement
better than the term 'bollocks!'

N.B. While I have my own ideas, at present, my mind clearly wants to drift into vulgar language when thinking of Blair and his bollocks - "f*ck *ff c*nt" seems the most appropriate phrase for this asshole and his gag order on free speech - SOCPA sect.132-138.

Regardless, I am on the hunt for exactly what does "bollocks 2" mean to the average English Joe?

Charity Sweet
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