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M2N: Test messege sent direct from Doug

Hidden Address | 12.05.2007 14:25

Cops at Canary Wharf

They were harassing people

Hidden Address


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From a mobile phone.

12.05.2007 14:44

This was a picture taken on 1st May at Canary Wharf on a small mobile phone and was sent this morning to the Newswire from the same phone via the new Mail2Newswire email link which is under development. This link will allow not only pictures but sound interviews and music etc from a mobile.


Is this such a good idea?

13.05.2007 02:41

Won't it just clog up indymedia with masses of footage that is mostly unsorted and irrelevant?
if you go ahead with this I recomand you put a different section of the side for "instant reporting"


Good idea?

13.05.2007 05:10

My view is that if it makes Indymedia more widely accessible then it is definitely a good idea. There are many more mobile phones than computers in the world. It also allows on the spot up-to-the-minute reporting by individuals. Of course it is bound to be abused, as is the Newswire anyway, but steps are being taken technically to minimise this.

A similar facility is already available on other sorts of websites, such as Moblog, which operate successfully, so why not IMCUK? Some other Indymedias already allow mobile phone access too.