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Redder Faced Army

Dreadsen | 10.05.2007 22:39

In the distraction of the USA destroying democracy worldwide we seem to be ignoring what we once called a super-power.

With the recent destruction by China of one of it's own space debris meant to be a warning to the USA about weaponising space.And Russias Putin warning about another arms race regarding positioning of missiles pointing at Russia leading to another arms race. We have not had one.Why?.For the simple reason all gangs are interactive.But for some reason the Russian gang is out of sync with the rest of the Mafia and actually mouthing the concerns of the real population.Yesterday Putin likend the USA to the nazis and the third reich.What could this be about?.
Could it be unfair share of drugs and drug money?Could it be unfair shares of arms and weapons and profits?Or could it be fear?
The fear that the USA is not doing the deal agreed?Putin has been running around the eastern world a lot lately.Negotiating this deal and that deal with china.
So we have China popping a bit of space junk.But not just that it was junk.It was the capability to do it that meant something.So hence Putins visit.Weak soviet capability,oh yes lots of missiles, but the software is compromised.So China is the best solution.But not quite.Lets go to world opinion.The USA is like the Third Reich.Theres a saying-something about clinging to as the last resort.
Having said all that i am just the reporter.



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