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Top eight reasons for U.S. led Iraq occupation

Cornelius Boss | 10.05.2007 13:26 | Iraq | Repression | Birmingham

It’s spring of 2007, four years deep into Iraq occupation .Here’s a mature top 8 reasons that combined to trigger this invasion/occupation of what used to be the sovereign nation of Iraq.

1.Hussein was more than threatening to dump the U.S. dollar in favor of the Euro. Most readers here –likely- already know that the U.S. dollar is the reserve currency with which oil is traded on the world market. So what inevitably followed is that the dollar had become grossly overvalued when compared to other currencies. And, the dollar is facing a precipitous crash should the Euro replace it in several countries as the oil futures reserve currency. The U.S. military just as with the 1893 take over of Hawaii is the "Mafia a Don" enforcer for Wall Street shyster thieves and criminal finance oligarchs. We have destroyed the nation of Iraq to shore up the endangered overvalued dollar.

2.Banks create money out of thin air and grant loans. The value of these "loans" is counted as additional assets of the bank which is patently ridiculous. But, to make matters even worse, the banks receive interest payments on these phantom loans. This is what is known as fractional reserve lending. War creates debt with superlative capacity and efficiency. Banks love debt. Banks crave debt. WWI & WWII -by the way -from the debt creation stand-point were absolute windfalls .For banks, debt means wealth. The oligarchy need only create the perception in the minds of the craven, sheeple masses that there is an enemy .The false flag operations of 9-11-01 jump started this current slippery slope of groundless anxiety. The sheeple masses will always accept war once they have been flimflammed into believing the country is being attacked. George Bush is a shill for the finance oligarchs and global capitalists and was more than happy to accommodate by insisting that we invade and occupy Iraq.

3.The U.S. invaded and brought about regime change in Iraq for the same reason we did in Iran with Mohammad Mossadegh,Chile with Salvador Ayande, Omar Torres in Panama et al. Needless to say if Hussein had become a Wall Street ,Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg ,Rothschild puppet like the House of Saud we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Saddam Hussein wasn’t willing to victimize his people economically such as the House of Saud was more than willing to do theirs. So we got rid of Hussein. (Reason #7 is related)

4.To establish hegemony in the oil rich Middle East with the hopes of using that Hegemonic control over particularly the oil resources of that region with Peak Oil as a backdrop as an economic weapon primarily against OPEC, Japan, the Russian Republic, and China, and other countries- Germany for example -to a lesser extent..

5.The criminal finance oligarchs had been hungry for new money laundering opportunities.BushMob/FedGov both the visible and the invisible are more than happy to accommodate this hunger. Some 28 billion (that's billion with a "B") dollars thus far are lost by the U.S. military, the illegal money grabbing private security firms such as DynCorp, and Kellogg Brown and Root; also by the puppet of the U.S. Iraqi Provisional Authority, the new puppet al-Maliki government; also by –of course-, the Halliburtins,Bechtels,And Carlyle Groups of the world. You can bet your bottom dollar that this "missing" money" is ending up in the hands of Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Rothschild types.

6.To lift Leo Strauss's philosophy off the yellowing pages of books, articles, essays lecture notes etc. and shove it down the collective throats of the people of the earth. After all a Neocon is by definition is a person that is a proponent of Leo Strauss philosophy. Leo Strauss urged that mankind isn't mankind until mankind reverts to that former pre-agrarian nomadic food foraging polity. Leo Strauss' philosophy called for ridding the earth of these pesky excess six billion souls that presently draw breath. What's the new saying? Kill the brown people with asymmetric war and kill the black people with AIDS.

7.Related to reason #3, simply sounding notice to other world leaders that if they favor the economic well being of their countrymen such as did Saddam Hussein they face forced removal by Uncle Sam. Puppets of the finance oligarchs and global capitalist on order of f.i. Alvaro Uribe of Columbia are safe. Egalitarian populists like Castro , Hugo Chavez or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad need be wary.

8.Lastly, we needed an asymmetric invasion to test leading edge weaponry .Illegal, ethnocidal; unseemly, immoral U.S. aggression in Afghanistan was not filling the bill.

Cornelius Boss
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