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Atlantic ruling class 2007 annual meeting (video)

Christian Taylor | 09.05.2007 17:25 | Anti-racism | Globalisation | World

What if everything you thought you knew about the world was wrong? And there was an invisible far-right government, a parallel government, operating behind the scenes with almost no scrutiny by the world's press....

First annual Hotwells Bilderberg rant (video)
by Christian Taylor -

YouTube report on the Atlantic ruling class's annual get together
There is a Bristol ranter called Gosling who occasionally makes sense when he is hunting down fascists and neocons - this is one of those rare occasions

a nine minute introduction to and analysis of Bilderberg conferences. One of which is about to take place in Istanbul, Turkey.
YouTube - If it's good enough for Blair, it's good enough for Gosling ;-)

see also the excellent Dissident Vox podcast

Audio of this year's Bilderberg analysis
in hi-band

and low-band

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