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Mayday Events at the ASBO Centre 2, Nottingham Night Events

Tash [alan lodge] | 08.05.2007 17:01 | Mayday 2007 | Culture | Free Spaces

A set of party pictures

Mayday Events at the ASBO Centre 2, Nottingham Night Events

A set of party pictures

Announcin the event:
ASBO Mayday Meltdown: May 7th 12 - 12
a winding procession, picnic cabaret, a broad range of workshops, streetparty, volleyball, low tech soundsystems, bands, cafe, spoken word, chillout spaces, bar, kids stuff, guerilla gardening, info + discussions, cinema, games, spectactors, cake, underperformers, pedlars, JUICEBAR and the like.....
BRING yer good selves, picnic food, bags of fun, loads of dirtymoney, good energy - in short what you'd like to find.
donations only - all donations help support your local palestine circus :-)
the bar proceeds support the asbo community space

clown x


ASBO Centre
33 -35 Burns Street

Burns St Squatting Project :: The Progress

Spray Art at the ASBO - Pictures

ASBO Squat : New Deal for Community [NDC] Magazine Item

Nottingham A Squatting 'Slide Show' [to a show tune :-)]

New Mural Wall Painting at the ASBO in Radford


Earlier Mayday Events from the weekend, in Nottingham

Nottingham Mayday 1 Event

Nottingham Mayday 2 Parade

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