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Oaxaca film screening at Camberwell Occupied Social Centre

Teresa | 04.05.2007 13:08 | Oaxaca Uprising | Social Struggles | London

Wed May 9th OAXACA films at Camberwell Occupied Social Centre starting at 7.30pm
Oaxaca Vive (2007) the incredible uprisings June - Dec 2006 and beyond...
+ Plan Puebla Panama a multi-billion dollar development plan that threatens the Oaxacan struggles

camberwell squatted centre
190 warham st
off camberwell new rd
london se5
Oval tube
Buses, 36. 436

Oaxaca Vive, 2007, 117m

A popular movement that gave birth to the APPO, Popular assembly of the people of Oaxaca started in June 2006 when the teachers took the main square of Oaxaca City demanding the government not only better salaries but also better conditions of living for the poorest communities of the state of Oaxaca. The government's repression of this protest caused the people of Oaxaca to massively rise up creating a state of un-governability for about 6 months since June to November 2006.

Oaxaca does not Surrender, is a new compilation of independent media film footage put together with interviews that looks back at the height of the struggle and puts it into political context. The movement that succeeded on creating an alternative way of governing for about 3 months was oppressed by the official government with massive violence. People were persecuted and imprisoned but Oaxacan's spirit continues to be high. They continue to have big marches and the teachers recently had another strike.

Plan Puebla Panama 57m,don't know year

The Plan Puebla Panama is one of the biggest threat that the Oaxacans are facing. It will destroy forests and peasant's land forcing them to emigrate to the city to live in slams.

Championed by Mexican President Vicente Fox, the Plan Puebla Panamá ("Puebla Panama Plan," or PPP) is a multi-billion dollar development plan in progress that would "promote the regional integration and development" of the nine southern states of Mexico (Puebla, Guerrero, Veracruz and points south) with all of Central America.

The Plan Puebla Panamá is intended to remedy a lack of investment and stimulate trade in the region by building or improving large infrastructure projects such as highways, air and sea ports, and electric and telecommunications grids.

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