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Report from Land and Marine demo and demo announcement

Happy Camper | 20.04.2007 21:01 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | Repression | London | Oxford

Despite massive over-policing and the eviction of Bath Climate Camp, actions are continuing as scheduled, so if you were thinking of coming down for saturdays demo, starting at 12 at Bath Abbey, please do so to show that thier repression will not make us go away! - here is a report of the Land and Marine demo -

7 protesters, who had pre-arranged a meeting place arrived at L&M at 8 this morning, faced by a huge police prsence. The cops demanded that the protestors move about 30 meters away from L&M, making the protest invisible. The group refused, and after negotiations and a couple of tense moments, were able to stay infront of the offices, although the cops put a restriction on the number of protestors to 6 (they counting skills should be called into questions, as by this point, there were 8 protesters!), forbidding any additional protesters from joining the demo and also imposed a time limit, restricting the demo to two hours. Twice the time limit was passes, and twice re-negotiated until protester voluntarily left at 12.30. The office was shut all day and no workers entered the premises. Also, L&M shelled out on a double row of fencing around their property and a large number of security guards who have been there in various numbers for a couple of weeks... Result!

Overkill police tactics failed to intimidate us and hopefully the day long closure of L&M will be another setback in the construction of the pipeline.

To find out the facts, and get involved in the anti-pipeline campaign, check out

Intimidation and repression will not beat us or make us go away!

Happy Camper


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