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Vote Nobody on May 3rd!

Vote Nobody | 17.04.2007 23:23 | Culture | Social Struggles

Local elections are coming up on May 3rd, and it's the same old joke as usual - a "choice" that isn't one! Instead of not voting, how about voting for Nobody?

You should vote for Nobody, because:

- Nobody keeps election promises.
- Nobody has all the answers.
- Nobody will represent you.
- Nobody will improve your community.
- Nobody has your best interests at heart.
- Nobody will make a real difference!
- A vote for Nobody is a vote for Everybody!

OK, seriously now...

It's not just about making a mockery of the farce that is "representative" democracy. It's also about producing more spoiled ballot papers with "Nobody" scrawled across them than the official winning candidate, thus undermining their "legitimacy" (as if they ever had any) to push the same old business-friendly, community-trashing policies that they always do, regardless of who gets in.

Whoever wins, ordinary people always lose! Nobody will change that, so vote for Nobody on May 3rd!

(There's a printer friendly Acrobat PDF attached - the image is just a preview!)

Vote Nobody
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