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We're all off to Germany ... wanna find out why? G8 2007 speakers available ...

Talkin Bout a Revolution | 10.04.2007 15:13 | G8 Russia 2006 | Globalisation

Please FWD widely >>>

In June this year, the heads of state of the eight most powerful nations on earth will be meeting in northern Germany for the 2007 G8 Summit, and 1000's of activists from anti-war, anti-racist, ecological and anti-capitalist movements will be there to greet them, block them and shut them down.

Activists involved in the 'Dissent! Network Against the G8' are now available to give talks and workshops around the country, explaining what the G8 Summit is and why we should oppose it, what the situation of the mobilisations is so far, the context of the political situation and what we can expect in Germany, the main discussions and issues affecting German social movements over the last ten years and all the practical information you need to get to Germany and shut em' down.

If there is an event - or you would like to organise an event - near you and you would like to hear activists from Dissent! and learn more about this years mobilisation against the G8 Summit, please get in touch at the email address below >>>

>>> talkinboutarevolution(AT)

Hope to hear from you soon, and see you on the streets!

Love n Rage,

Talkin Bout' a Revolution Collective
(part of the Dissent! Network)

Talkin Bout a Revolution
- e-mail: talkinboutarevolution(AT)
- Homepage:


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