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GM Potato Protest Walk

Cambridge Action Network | 09.04.2007 13:15 | Bio-technology | Cambridge

Cambridge, April 14th

As you may well be aware by now, NIAB and BASF are planning to plant GM potato trials in fields just North of Cambridge. The area around NIABs'land is peppered with public footpaths, so we thought it would be a lovely idea to have a stroll around between Histon and Girton, to show some solidarity against the trials.

We'll be meeting up at the Histon Baptist Church, that's the large red brick church on station road in Histon, at 11:00am on Saturday 14th April.

We'll be designing placards and signs while we wait for people, so bring some pens and have fun designing a slogan!

The Citi 7 bus goes from drummer street and the train station every 10 minutes, and should take about 15-20 mins to get there. You'll spot us gathering by the church.

The walk takes about an hour, and we'll be providing food at end in the WI hall in Girton, something to recover your strength after the walk, kindly provided by Arjuna Wholefoods. There'll be plenty of opportunity on the way to sit down or play games, and we encourage families to join in just as much as individuals, it's a lovely part of town! There'll be some rousing words spoken at some stage too, just to remind ourselves why we're doing this.

If you don't like the idea of GM crops being tested in our area, are unsure of their safety, or just love spending a day outdoors in the fine company of your fellow human beings, please come and join us!

Organised by Cambridge GM Concern

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