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Stop Deportations of Darfurians! Stop All Deportations!

NCADC | 02.04.2007 13:49 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression

Called by the Darfurian Community in Manchester
Demonstration: Thursday 5th April at 12:00 noon
Dallas Court Enforcement Unit, South Longworthy Road, Salford Quays, Salford M50 2GF

Congolese, Zimbabwean, Iraqi, Afghan, Somali asylum seekers of other nationalities stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Sudanese, the latest targets of the Home Office's most shameful, vile attacks.

The Home Office has unleashed it's dirtiest ever war against people seeking asylum; whilst publicly "condemning" the perpetrators of genocide, they are quietly deporting the Victims of War right back into the world's worst disaster zones and the hands of the world's most brutal regimes.

Bring drums, whistles, anything to make a noise!

Speakers include:
*** Abo Zakrya - Darfur Community in Manchester
*** Innocent Nkung Empi - Congo Support Project Manchester
*** Burhan Fatah - International Federation of Iraqi Refugees
*** Leonard Ruredzo - Zimbabwean Community in Manchester
*** Khadem Noori - Afghan Community in Manchester
*** Mansoor Hassan - Pakistani community in Manchester
*** Zeinab Mohamed - Somali Community in Manchester

The Home Office has been rounding up and detaining Sudanese "refused" asylum seekers, including Darfurians, and trying to deport them.

In a High Court "county guidance" case earlier this month, the judge said there were serious errors in the Home Office's case and gave strong indications that his judgement may make it harder for them to deport to Khartoum. But the judgement is not due to be issued until Wednesday 4th April. Meanwhile, the Home Office has been cynically and blatantly attempting to detain and deport as many Sudanese before the judgment is handed down and the law goes against them.

Some "refused" Sudanese asylum seekers in Manchester have been asked to report to Dallas Court Enforcement Unit on Thursday 5th April. Many feel this is an attempt to detain them the day before the Easter bank holiday, purposefully so they cannot get hold of any legal representatives.

There have been reports that there was a representative of the Embassy of Sudan at an immigration reporting centre to confirm that the "refused" asylum seekers are Sudanese in order to facilitate issuing travel documents.

More than 200,000 people have been killed in the counter-insurgency by the Sudanese government forces and allied Janjaweed militia. More than 2 million have been forced to flee their homes.

Speaking about the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, David Cameron said, "you think to yourself, surely this sort of genocide can never happen again. But the fact is, it has happened again, and it is happening again in Sudan."

"We need to consider a no-fly zone to prevent the use of Sudanese air power against refugees and displaced people." Tony Blair speaking on Darfur
We say:
"Whilst Tony Blair says the Sudanese government should stop bombing our Darfurian villages, his own government is in fact working hand-in-hand with the Sudanese government to deport Darfurian genocide survivors back to face further persecution. How thick does the Home Office want the pile of documents to be with evidence of torture, unlawful imprisonment and disappearances of those they have already deported from the UK to Sudan?" Abo Zakrya - Darfur Community in Manchester

"They pulled that number on us Zimbabweans too - the Home Office deported as many of us as they could under the legal-radar. I'm sure they will not hesitate to do it again as soon as they can. Once the envy of Africa, we have 3,000% inflation and an age expectancy of 34. The only thing the Zimbabwean government excels in is its brutality against its own people"
Leonard Ruredzu - Zimbabwean Community in Manchester

"Last month the Home Office deported 40 of us by "charter flight" to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 4,000,000 people have died in the conflict there. And when they get trashed in court in the DR Congo "country guidance" case coming up, no doubt they will try and get rid of more of us before the judgement is issued" Innocent Nkung Empi - Congo Support Project Manchester

"UK military personnel admit that 90% of the violence in Iraqi is because they are there. 1.7 million Iraqis have been displaced within Iraq and more than 1.7 million have fled to neighbouring countries. If Iraq is safe, why did the Home Office deport our brothers in military planes?"
Burhan Fatah - International Federation of Iraqi Refugees

"Even the British pet dogs know there is war in Afghanistan. We risked our lives to escape and reach safety here, yet we are treated worse than a stray dog would be in Britain. Afghani victims of war are quietly deported to Kabul every Tuesday out of Gatwick by "charter flight" in what the Home Office calls "Operation Ravel".
Khadem Noori - Afghani Community in Manchester

"There has been no government in Somali for 16 years. The country is in chaos and the people are suffering violence and war - anyone deported to Somali would be in an even worse position". Zeinab Mohamed - Somali Community in Manchester
"Lord Triesman recently appointed to achieve Tony Blair's arbitrary targets on deportations said, "Every death, injury, displacement or rape in Sudan is a tragedy". Yet the UK government is doing its best to deport Sudanese asylum seekers right now. How much more deceitful could one get? The asylum seeking communities in Manchester stand in solidarity together. We shall defend one another". Mansoor Hassan - Pakistani community in Manchester

Abo Zakrya: Darfur Community in Manchester - / 07939 850199
Innocent Nkung: Congo Support Project Manchester - / 07871 676129
Burhan Fatah: International Federation of Iraqi Refugees - / 07929 010257
Khadem Noori: Afghani Community - /
Leonard Ruredzo: Zimbabwean Community - / 07859 083772
07731 788979
Mansoor Hassan: Pakistani Community - / 07979 636017
Zeinab Mohamed: Somali Community - / 07947 642704
Rhetta Moran: RAPAR - / 07776 262646

Called by RAPAR and the Darfurian, Zimbabwean, Congolese, Iraqi, Afghani, Pakistani and Somali communities in Manchester

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