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Newsflash: The Ant remanded2 Wandsworth 4 non-arrestable public order offence???

Charity Sweet | 02.04.2007 13:28 | Repression | Terror War | London

ANOTHER BENT JUDGE: Dj Tubbs sat in courtroom 1 for today's kangaroo court - 02/03/2007

What a sad state of affairs the courtrooms of Horseshit Road Westminster Magistrates Courts have stooped to.

Unless I am completely mistaken... the Ant was assaulted by many police, in the Westminster Tube station bog, last week, for carrying an offensive weapon... a cast decorated with some jewellery that I assume to be part of the British culture.

When I was a teenager, my boyfriend played in a heavy metal band and wore jewellery similar to Ant's. I have seen numerous punk rockers wearing similar costume jewellery... So what is so special about Ant?

Could it possibly be his association with Brian Haw, Barbara Tucker, Parliament Square and peace?

Could it possibly be that is a practicing Buddhist and has always declared himself to be non-violent and behaves true to his word?

After being held in custody for 13 hours, from Friday until the wee hours of Saturday morning, and being denied legal representation for 11 of those hours, Ant was bailed back to CX re the offence of carrying an offensive weapon, on police bail - no conditions, pending further inquiries - all for going to the loo.(?)

By 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, only some 8 hours after being released, Ant and Barbara, upon deciding to go get some lunch, are assaulted, yet again, and Ant is arrested, yet again, but this time, for a public order offence which is NON IMPRISONABLE.

Some 48 hours later, Ant was brought out of CX cells and brought before DJ Tubbs.

NON IMPRISONABLE... which brings me to today's kangaroo court and another bent judge by the name of DJ Tubbs and Jeff - a pathetic excuse for a male and court room manager. Curiously, this was the same Jeff who sent the police after Babs and her solicitor, at another trial for the Ant, re: bail conditions on Tucker that he knew damn well had been lifted in the Crown Courts. Jeff is an integral, legal bitch of the corrupted Westminster court system; of that, there may be little doubt.

Brian and Babs arrived at court and were refused entry to the public gallery. Do what?

Last Thursday, DJ Wickman clearly stated at Brian and Bab's 'contempt' trial, that the courts were open to the public and the stalker, Smithy, was welcome to sit and harass Tucker in her courtroom, by his snide presence and complicity in perverting the course of justice.

Today, Babs told the courts to 'Put it in writing' regarding there being no viable excuse to refuse entry to Haw and herself... She further expressed to court security that should any of those goons touch her without written justification, it would be assault. Security backed off and they were let in. This is the English justice system, hard at work, bending the law like Beckham.

There was the standard argument of Brian not being allowed to wear his iconic hat in the courtroom, and then the real show began.

Despite The Ant being bailed previously for an arrestable offence of carrying an offensive weapon, Tubbs made the decision to remand Ant to WANDSWORTH PRISON for the non-arrestable offence of public order.

I have to get this straight in my mind... Ant was allowed past security at Horseshit Road Mag's and actually allowed into the courtroom, with his costume jewellery, and now he has been sent down for a public order offence of going to go get lunch, pending an appeal in the Crown Court which will most probably be heard Thursday.

It is disgusting and disgraceful to note that the Westminster Magistrates Courts is being used to play the system to try and get away with as much as they can against peaceful people whose only crime is FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY - ARTICLE 11 - EUROPEAN CONVENTION RIGHTS and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION - ARTICLE 11.

The one good thing that is coming out of all these bent proceedings is they are now being seen by the public, carrying on in a particularly corrupt fashion which is extremely easy to show and challenge in the upper courts.

If there is any justice in this country I love so dear, these corrupted judges will be brought to task and challenged for their blatant corruption and complicity in perverting the course of justice in covering up for a war criminal.

Charity Sweet
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The powers that be

02.04.2007 13:57

have got the shit on the likes of tubby.Lets all start digging into their pasts and find what it is.

Auld Skellington


02.04.2007 16:02

Invest in spy cameras when you our your friends go, then upload the vid on the internet.
You should be able to buy one for 200 quid, they are like pens, pendiliums etc.. so you should be able to get away with it.
You can only detect them with special anti spy camera equipment, infact some will broadcast live!
Take the piss, they are not worth it, they are a waste of space and they know it.


The Danger of Wishful Thinking

02.04.2007 18:02

"The one good thing that is coming out of all these bent proceedings is they are now being seen by the public, carrying on in a particularly corrupt fashion which is extremely easy to show and challenge in the upper courts."

If only this were true, I mean can you name even one single mainstream newspaper that will report on this abuse of a peaceful Buddhist with a broken arm? They are all subservient to the Government propaganda (and Bliar) as has been seen with the recent coverage of the Iran hostage issue. I am sure that the poster who made comments under the name 'twilight' (don't know what happened to that poster) could have had a ball with this one!

Basically the majority (99.999%) of the population will remain unaware.

Brian B

So sad but true...

02.04.2007 20:16

I appreciate that lamestream media won't report.

I appreciate that, generally, whatever judge we are funnelled through and sit in front of will be bent.

And... I live in hope as they are consistently airing their dirty ways in open court, to the point where the judiciary is becoming a complete mockery and visibly is a waste of space.

Something has gotta give, sooner or later...

It's not reasonable to clear the jail of nonses to put a peacful man like Ant in jail.

What goes around is long overdue to starting coming around.



be wary of clock's advice

02.04.2007 22:35

although clock may be genuine, there is also a possibility it's a set-up.

the penalty for recording or videoing in a magistrate's court is up to 2 years imprisonment. if you respond to clock's suggestion and you get caught then it's yet another way they can get a protest supporter off the streets without getting blair's war on trial. it may not be worth it.