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Machinery occupied near anti-pipeline camp

Anti-Piper | 02.04.2007 01:47 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Repression

Activists have once again climbed on machinery to delay work on National Grid's 200 mile gas pipeline. Work was stopped near the anti-pipeline tree camp for several hours on two consecutive days.

Trees around the anti-pipeline tree camp in Penpont have been chopped down in recent days and heavy machinery has been brought in to enable work on the pipeline to start in the area. However, the anti-pipeline camp has still not been evicted. More people are urgently needed to take part in the growing resistance to the pipeline, which is causing huge destruction to the environment and poses serious safety risks.

For more information on the damaging effects of the pipeline:

DIRECTIONS to Penpont tree camp:

The protest camp is in ancient woodland at Penpont, 4 miles west of Brecon on the A40 close to Bettws Penpont church. It is located at Ordnance Survey national grid reference SN9728728525. There is a bus going from Cardiff coach station to Brecon town (X43, takes aprox 1hr, costs around £4). From the bus stop you get off at in Brecon town (the only bus stop there) there is another bus that goes right past the camp (£1.60, aprox 10 mins- ask driver for tree camp, you will probably see banners on the left).


People on site are requesting any donations. Please send supplies of all sorts, especially beams for building, tarp, rope, nails, D-locks, heavy chains, stuff for lock-ons (sand, cement, gravel.), harnesses and other climbing gear, scrap metal, cuddles etc etc etc.
We can use almost any tat...

Please come visit the camp before it's too late!

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