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Mustafa to be deported from Heathrow

Peter | 27.03.2007 19:34 | Migration | Repression

Our friend Mustafa is due to be deported this evening on a commercial British Airways flight.

The flight number is GF008 and leaves at 22:00.

Mustafa is from Darfur and is adament that if returned to his country he will be tortured.

This evening a judge denied a last minute injunction to stop his deportation on the grounds that no expert witness was available to confirm whether Mustafa is a black African.

In the last week another Darfurian in the same position resisted being taken onto the plane and British Airways chose not to take him on board. He was instead returned to the Home Office detention centre.

Mustafa is aware of his situation and will not be willingly taken on board the flight. He would however benefit greatly if anyone were able to make it to the departure lounge and provide support.

Mustafa was a media officer in the Sudanese army. He videoed securitymen in El Fashir pushing and beating Masali people. The military came to his father's house looking for weapons and found and confiscated the video tapes. In the process Mustafa was beaten and sustained injuries to his hip. Mustafa then chose to leave Sudan.

As this is short notice, we also ask if anyone can fax British Airways as a matter of urgency to urge them not to take Mustafa on the plane this evening.

BA fax: 020 8759 4314




27.03.2007 20:26

We have been told the airline is actually GULF AIR, not British Airways.

Fax number: 020 8600 1715

Terminal three


waiting game

27.03.2007 21:40

We are unable to get any news yet as to whether Mustafa was put on the plane or not.

Either way there will be many more in the same position over the next few days.

We have details in relation to those we know personally, but are trying to find out about others. We have heard of 3 due on a plane tomorrow afternoon.

Channel 4 News intends to release a report on Thursday 29th March (this week) stating they have evidence that Darfurians returned via Khartoum are being detined by the Sudanese authorities. This report was apparently not made available to solicitors today so as to keep it as a news 'exclusive' - something that seems senseless under the circumstances and perhaps only reflects the pressure everyone is under.

The truth remains that Darfurians are in need of solidarity and support. Resisting their deportation is the least we can do.


Thinking of Mustafa

28.03.2007 00:46

The Sudanese Community have rallied for their friend today. The incredulity with which they received the information that the Judge had stated that there was no evidence that their friend is " a Black African" was palpable. Those of us who know Mustafa cannot understand why it was even an issue. Photographs were provided of Mustafa at demonstrations for Darfur. The photographs were clear for all to see.

Why is it, that someone who has lived all their life in a country, knows the people, the life, the way of being, is not an "expert". Yet because an academic is not available to testify that this man is from this ethnic group or that, he can be despatched on a plane with no further interest in what happens to him?

We continue to wait for news of Mustafa. We are hoping that he is still here and that his resistance was successful and without harm to himself. We are continuing to support Alcir and Abdul Hadi. Alcir waits to hear if he will fly today at 2.30, Abdul Hadi is waiting to hear what will happen to him next Tuesday.

There is something very distasteful about this haste to return people before the Court has announced its verdict on relocations to Sudan.

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Any News?

28.03.2007 10:01

Does anyone know what has happened to Mustafa?