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Greetings from Bonny Scotland from F365 :)

Bombus Regina | 26.03.2007 11:43 | Faslane | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | Oxford

Update from the intrepid Oxfordshire (and environs) blockaders!

Just a quick update as we're all ABSOLUTELY shattered. BUT three groups managed to block the road in front of the North Gate.

There were:
At the front: the CLOCK LOCK - two clocks with four and five respectively - doomsday clocks with messages of hope and locked on folk :) They were in the road first and were the last to be cleared (yay Oxford!)
In the middle: The BERKSHIRE BUNNIES, with white rabbit (of fear) and massive banner concealing a line of arm tubes - not everyone managed to lock on; but those who did were there for a good while.

An FLUFFY block who threw themselves in front of the gate and attempted to
lock on with D-Locks. It didn't really work but it was a great distraction from the hard-core clock block.

An impromptu couple threw themselves in the road in front of the gate in an attempt to stop the traffic; they were moved straight away but their passion to stop the functioning of the war machine was amazing.

So, all in all 21 have been arrested and distributed to different nicks!

A French group blocked the South gate - 13 were arrested.

Pics soon - promise. We're in an internet cafe -there's no software to edit pics, so more later :)

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26.03.2007 20:25

Keep it up at Faslane!
Truly inspirational stuff...



26.03.2007 20:27

Keep it up guys!
The stuff going on up there's truly inspirational...