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Another royal assassination?

Luther Blisset | 23.03.2007 22:12 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Terror War

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

surfing through this tonight

Luther Blisset
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Don't be daft.

23.03.2007 23:46

Al Quaeda will be taking good care of him, and are far more likely to make strenuous efforts to take out the rest of the family to change the line of inheritance. The people trying to do him in are likely to permanantly be in London. Guess who that is. Probaly trying to make out to both Shia and Sunni that he has developed sympathy with the other lot.



24.03.2007 01:11

wud not give a shit

take him out

Its not daft!

24.03.2007 14:17

Wouldnt the Israelis love it if our prince were killed by terrorists, how happy would Murdoch's papers be?
Who killed Diana...Mossad in my opinion, they were never going to have an Arab marry the princess.
Would Diana had approved of this war...NO!
Best get rid of her as figures like her in Britain are no good, we need to remain an ignorant fighting nation, not a loving and caring nation.
Why did prince Harry wear a Nazi uniform...probably coz he knows that Isreal killed his mother.
And who were the forces at play that the queen spoke about after Diana's death?
Dont you feel great that our country is being black mailed by a bunch of zionist media monopolists and party funders.
If the goverment does not do what they want, the papers will trash them, political funsing goes to the opposition and business deals with American corporations start to dissapear.
Clever isnt it?
Remember the last recession that brought the country down to its knees?
If harm comes to the prince I will never forget or forgive.
We need to talk about it loudly because we must ensure that the people plotting against us are aware that if they harm the prince we will ensure that the world knows that we think that it was premeditated by Mossad and other intelligence forces.
Prince Harry must live to hopefully take revenge for his mothers death!