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Removing a lock-on

photographer | 22.03.2007 01:42 | Faslane | Anti-militarism

Photos of the removal of the successful blockade of Faslane on Monday

Start by reviewing the situation (take as long as you like :)
Start by reviewing the situation (take as long as you like :)

Get the cast remover out...
Get the cast remover out...

What next?




next comes....

22.03.2007 13:32

when the cops have cut a hole in the tube they will reach in and unclip your carrabiners or cut through bonds - at this point it is useful for blockaders to pull against each other to tighten carrabiners against each other to make it difficult for cops to unhook them - and if you have another tube of stronger or different material inside the plastic one they have to get other cutting equipment which takes time - and if your carrabiners are connected to your arms by chain link or other material harder to cut then that also takes time

happy blockading

no expert


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Chain clip-on's

24.03.2007 16:57

Good clip-on's can have the carabiner fixed to a short piece of chain which is fixed to a circle of bike chain, to go round the wrist. the bike chain is covered in a section of old inner tube to protect the wearer. Hard to cut, flexible, reasonably comfortable. check out Road Raging




25.03.2007 01:07

it's a good job people aren't using combination locks, they'd be really difficult to get off.